Supplies of Foie Gras are Under Threat this Christmas

France, the main producer of foie gras, is already facing shortages of this controversial product. More than 16 million birds have been destroyed dating back to November last year because of bird flu, according to the French Ministry of Agriculture. It has plunged the industry into crisis and is threatening to create a shortage of foie gras this Christmas after the disease wiped out millions of poultry across France. In addition to that, the Ukraine war has pushed up the cost of production, warns Marie-Pierre Pe, director general of the Interprofessional Committee for Foie Gras (Cifog), who expects a 30-40% drop in supply coupled with a rise in prices this Christmas.

As of 18 October 2022, infections are six weeks ahead of where they were this time last year, according to the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA). There are currently 47 ongoing outbreaks across the UK, 30 of which have been confirmed since the start of October.

It is not surprising that foie gras is now disappearing from some menus as a result of this unprecedented crisis.

The dilemma for chefs – should we keep this French culinary jewel on our menus this Christmas and risk letting our customers down?

There is an ethical and sustainable alternative available to chefs that has guaranteed availability this Christmas – Foie Royale.

It’s Ethical

Foie Royale is made from the healthy and normal-sized livers of ducks and geese that live free range on some of the highest welfare farms in Germany. Our birds are reared for their meat, their livers and surplus fat are by-products of meat production and are brought together post-life, eliminating the need to engorge their livers during their life. The main goal of the product development was to create a replacement to foie gras in which animal welfare took top priority.

It’s Sustainable

Rather than cruel force-feeding, the birds are raised for their meat, fed naturally, targeted to each have up to 25 square metres of space to roam outdoors, far beyond typical free-range standards.  We use the by-products of their meat production which would have otherwise been wasted.

It’s Diverse

It is an extremely versatile product, that can be seared, roasted, poached or blitzed as an ingredient in many dishes to enhance flavour, or simply used as is.

It’s Convenient

The product requires no soaking, no de-veining, or membrane removal. It is ready to use, involves less waste and has a long shelf life. There is no stress about shortage of supply.

True Alternative to Foie Gras

Foie Royale is luxuriously smooth with a distinctive rich flavour to match. Our new Entier range has the natural marbling, texture and density that you get from foie gras, and last month won Innovative Product of the Year at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2022.

“What chefs need to understand is the versatility of Foie Royale. You can pan-sear it, you can monte sauces with it. Like any pastry chef knows with different couvertures of chocolate, sometimes you may have to tweak just a little to get the result that you want. But the product is super to work with, the performance is great and the feedback from diners is so rewarding.” Dan Moon, Ambassador Chef of Foie Royale.

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