RATIONAL is the leading provider in hot food preparation equipment. RATIONAL’s two cooking systems the iCombi combi steamer and the iVario multifunctional cooking system deliver a commercial kitchen’s complete thermal cooking solution. They replace a large range of cooking appliances and replicate a huge range of cooking processes while saving space and reducing cooking times and energy consumption.

The new iCombi Pro incorporates a range of innovations that deliver 50% higher productivity while reducing cooking times and energy consumption by 10% compared to its predecessor.

Similarly, the new iVario Pro refines the original VarioCookingCenter to deliver 20% additional searing capacity and maintenance-free pressure cooking that is up to 35% faster than cooking without pressure, while reducing connected load compared to the previous version.

Attend an online Live event and discover how RATIONAL cooking systems improve day-to-day kitchen operations and experience just how powerful the appliances are. If you have any questions, a RATIONAL chef will be on hand to answer them live in a chat room, register here.