Koppert Cress

Koppert Cress and Your Kitchen

Koppert Cress is on a never-ending quest to find natural, innovative ingredients that chefs can use to intensify the taste, scent or presentation of their dishes. A huge international network of biologists, plant experts and gastronomists support a steady stream of products, that meet the ever-higher culinary demands of restaurants around the world.

Dutch Microgreen Experts, Koppert Cress, launch English Mix

From Basil Cress to BlinQ Blossom

Architecture Aromatique is the theme under which the cress and specialties are presented. The cress are freshly germinated seedlings from 100% natural, aromatic, plants. These plants offer a freshness and intensity in taste and scent, which are only present in young plants. The flavours, gathered from all the corners of the earth, give an exotic touch to your dishes and intensify your guests’ experience. You will be amazed by the innovative possibilities offered by the 24 cresses and 27 specialties and you will be pleased by the response of your guests.

The Concept

The Koppert Cress’ approach is unique in horticulture. Rob Baan bought the company in 2002 and shaped it according to his vision. He realized that the success of his operation was fully depending on the acceptation and adoption of professional chefs. Baan focussed on the end users and went to present his products to the finest chefs in Europe. Creative and innovative, as most are, they immediately felt the connection and started to use the cress. The delicate flavours and decorative value prove to be the highly needed fun alternative for the less exciting herbs used so far.

The Company

It is the appreciation of the gastronomes worldwide that has allowed the company to grow into what it is now. Choosing a niche to start in, Koppert Cress was able to develop along with the market it had created. Doing so it was able to set the standards and become the authority on the subject. In stead of sitting back and enjoying the success, increased initiatives in product development, culture and market approach, are set up to ensure innovation and leadership.

Making the Difference

Food safety and consistent quality are top priority with Koppert Cress. At this very moment one of the most sophisticated greenhouses is being build. The semi-closed glasshouse creates the optimal environment for the cress to grow. Solar panels provide the electricity required by the ‘state of the art’ led lights. These, in turn, provide the exact amount of light for optimal growth. Excess heat is harvested and stored at 200 m deep, so it can be used in winter. Cold water can be used in summer to cool the greenhouse. To ensure the cleanest starting materials, the company produces the seeds itself or under supervision. Seeds are soaked and washed before sowing on cellulose, the cleanest medium possible. Tap water is used to water the plants excluding any chance of bad influences. Biological crop control guarantees the absence of pesticides or other residue. The company works according to the HACCP rules and is only one of two companies in the Netherlands that have the SQF certificate, living up to the extremely strict US and Australian regulations.

Your Contact

To find out more about Koppert Cress and order the latest brochure contact Paul Da Costa Greaves, Country Manager UK & ROI – email: paul@koppertcress.com