Foie Royale Entier Range – Winner of the ‘Innovative Product of the Year’ at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair Awards 2022

Foie Royale Entier was awarded Innovative Product of the Year at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair Awards 2022 on 5 September.  A brand new product that demonstrated creativity and innovation at the heart of its concept.

Foie Royale Entier

Many chefs have applauded the similarity in taste of the Classic range of Foie Royale to foie gras. The versatility of the product across such a broad range of dishes has inspired many delightful recipes.

With the aim of encouraging more people to switch to this ethical alternative to foie gras, with no force-feeding, the company continued innovating and researching. Four years after the launch of the Classic range, the new Foie Royale Entier range has been produced that not only gives that great Foie Royale taste but also replicates the texture of foie gras. After many rounds of taste testing, it became clear that it was the one that everyone was looking for. This is the Foie Royale Entier range.

Foie Royale Entier is produced by merging different batches of the Classic range which delivers the textural variation and density that you get from foie gras. Not only does it taste great and feel like a natural product in the mouth, but there is also the visual difference where the different layers’ colour and density are visible, creating a much more natural looking product.

The Entier range will undoubtedly satisfy many foie gras consumers out there; especially those who worry about how their food was made, as Foie Royale is both sustainable and produced to the highest ethical standards in Europe.

Mike Logut, Managing Director of Sapphire Foods Ltd – Foie Royale commented, “It is fantastic to receive this award. After 7 years of research to create Foie Royale, the development of the Entier range was born out of consumers loving the flavour and asking for a more natural textural taste. We are very proud to have a created this product, that does indeed beg the question why any animal now needs to be gavaged or indeed even having its liver enlarged at all.”

The Awards

The Awards are a key element of the Speciality & Fine Food Fair – the UK’s leading showcase of artisanal food and drink. Recognising and celebrating the individuals and businesses driving excellence and product innovation in the fine food & drink community, the Speciality & Fine Food Fair Awards champion all that makes the industry such a remarkable and inspiring place.

The awards ceremony was hosted by Speciality & Fine Food Fair Event Manager Nicky Woods, who commented: “We had a fantastic number of entries into the awards this year. Just a few weeks ago, the judges sat around a table in Speciality & Fine Food Fair HQ and tasted a huge amount of wonderful and innovative products and it was a really tough decision to select the finalists for the public vote. Huge congratulations to all today’s winners!”

Awards judge Stephen Minall, Owner of Moving Food and Co-Founder of FDReviews, added: “I was delighted to be one of the judges for the Speciality & Fine Food Fair Awards 2022. There were some fantastic entries across all the categories and some truly delicious and innovative products as well as a group of very knowledgeable judges.” 

The judges for this year’s awards were Scott Winston, Buying Manager, Mindful Chef; Adrian Boswell, Food Buyer, Selfridges; Bruce Langlands, Management Consultant; Stephen Minall, Owner, Moving Food and Vhari Russell, Managing Director, The Food Marketing Expert.