Work on some of the World’s Finest Super Yachts with Quay Crew

The super yacht industry is a fantastic sector to get into which offers some amazing opportunities for chefs and the chance to experience things many people never get to. It can offer a great salary, tax free, work with some great people, travel and see the world and expand your horizons. If you are switched on you can save a lot of money which can fund your future dream, whether that is something completely different or opening your own restaurant.

If you are a great chef with amazing presentation skills, flexible, can work under pressure and turn your hand to a variety of different cuisines then this could be the industry for you. You will need to be adaptable, eager to expand your cooking repertoire, a team player and very organized.

aft-deck 1In turn the financial rewards are superb with many chefs earning 6,000 to 8,000 euros a month tax free plus bonuses. There is also a select group who earn considerably more. There are many more reasons to join yachting. Don’t take our word for it though. This is what a couple of chefs who made the leap said:

“As a head chef who has worked in Michelin star restaurants for many years, this summer I decided to change paths and become a private chef on a yacht. What I love is the freedom to be completely creative with my food with access to the finest food, I love to visit the markets at the different places we sail to in order to select the finest produce. It is great to be cooking personally for clients that are so passionate about their food.”
Errol Defoe, ex Royal Hospital Road and Tom Aikens

MADAME-GU-Helicopter-Shot-small“After years of working in private households for high net worth individuals and previously exclusive restaurants in London I started working in yachting in 2012 and haven’t looked back. I love travelling around on a beautiful yacht, I love the cash and I love the fact my life is so much more enjoyable.  The constant flow of different guests and changing requirements means I get to challenge myself regularly and improve my skills. Best of all I can now wake board and I’m learning to kite surf which I never imagined would have happened a few years ago. I am also well on my way to having enough money saved to come back and set up my own business in a couple of years”
Alex, currently Head Chef on a 75m Charter Yacht

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