We Couldn’t Have Done it Without You!

The Healthcare Chefs’ Knowledge – Meet the sponsors as we get ready for the launch on Monday!

Our latest book – The Healthcare Chefs’ Knowledge – Will officially launch at HRC this Monday at a special event on the Rational stand. It is a celebration of the work that has been done by NHS England to revolutionise hospital food.

We will be laying-on a fabulous two course lunch for a panel of food and public sector media and senior stake holders, all with the common purpose of improving hospital menus for patients, staff and visitors.

There will also be a special courgette cake (adapted from the book) made by the super-talented Cake Girl London in the shape of the book as a massive thank you to our sponsors who have made it happen.

We would not have been able to complete the book without the generous support of these wonderful sponsors and we’d like to introduce them:

A word from the Managing Director of Healthcare at Compass Group, Russell Blake:
“Food and nutrition are so important across the NHS – for staff, visitors and of course to support the health outcomes of patients. This book emphasises the critical role of good quality food within healthcare and it is fantastic to see the collaboration from experts across the sector. The book has extended our longstanding partnership with the NHS and I am glad we could support to help bring the idea to life.” 

NHS Supply Chain
Through the Supply Chain we were able to get the recipes that underpin the book. This has been crucial. Phil Shelley, Chair NHS Food Review and National Lead for Net Zero Food, NHS England, said: “For the very first time we have a collated collection of recipes in one place that can be accessed by every hospital catering team. I can’t tell you how important this is going to be.”

Revolutionising hospital catering. Rational equipment helps hospital teams to cook smarter for less and unleash creativity at the same time. With the arrival of the new iHexagon this will enable caterers to get even more out of the spaces where they operate.

Mitchell & Cooper
You don’t need to look very far in any kitchen to find a Mitchell & Cooper product and it’s no different in the NHS. Mitchell & Cooper design and build our products to last and to give chefs the reassurance they need that they are working with the best.

Kat Cooper, Project Director at Mitchell & Cooper said

“We are delighted and privileged to supply hospitals with our Bonzer can openers, portioners and stick blenders.  It was really important that we supported this book as the Healthcare sector makes up a huge segment of our customer base.”

Koppert Cress
Fresh Cress with a Nutritional Punch. Koppert Cress is a producer of innovative, living micro-vegetables, specialities and cresses. By growing in-house and harvesting late all the nutritional benefits can be maximised.

Good food and drink are essential to wellbeing, both for patients and for staff working long hours in stressful conditions,” says Cathy Amos, Head of Customer Marketing for Care at Brakes.

We fully endorse The Food Review and have products, guidance and support to help hospital catering teams offer a safe, efficient, high-quality service that meets everyone’s needs, 24/7.”

By using a Bloomkube in combination with the ground-breaking research done by Koppert Cress it is possible to grow micro greens that contain optimum nutrition. Koppert Cress seeds are planted in soil or a soil substitute such as peat moss and grown in high light conditions with low humidity and good air circulation.

Essential Cuisine
Understanding the im-portance of offering nutritionally balanced options whilst catering to various needs and dietary requirements. Essential cuisine are proud that their range is 100% gluten free, with products that are suited to vegans, vegetarians as well as meeting 2024 salt targets set by Public Health England.

The above sponsors collectively funded the design, production and printing of The Healthcare Chefs’ Knowledge, which will serve as a brilliant reference tool and learning resource for all NHS chefs and has wider appeal to anyone cooking or working in nutrition in the healthcare sector.

There are 1000 printed copies and it will also be available on Amazon’s Kindle as a greatly subsidised nominal fee of £5 to cover sellers fees.

We would like The Healthcare Chefs’ Knowledge to be available to all and would love to hear your feedback.