Top London Chefs Experience New-Meat™ Nikkei-style at London’s Chotto Matte

London, United Kingdom, 31 January 2022 – In an exclusive event, New-Meat™ pioneer Redefine Meat™ invited 50 chefs to experience its plant-based whole cuts and culinary grade minced meat first-hand. This rare opportunity to gather culinary opinion-makers and leading chefs in one place with the express purpose of tasting a new product, truly put the innovative New-Meat™ to the test.

Catherine Farinha of The Chefs’ Forum comments, “When you’ve got 50 of the best chefs in London sitting down together to try a new product there is no hiding place. Redefine Meat has been tested like never before. Jordan Sclare and his team at Soho’s Chotto Matte designed a special Nikkei menu featuring canapés and 3 courses of Redefine Meat within the 5-course lunch. Redefine Meat’s New-Meat™ beef mince, beef flank and lamb flank are all used in a special dish to showcase its unique qualities – all done in a Peruvian/ Japanese style unique to Chotto Matte.”

The lunch was prepared by Head Chef Chris Woodford, assisted by students from West London College and Central Bedfordshire College to showcase the support that London chefs have for the next generation of hospitality professionals via The Chefs’ Forum Academy curriculum enrichment programme.

The event began with a fantastic selection of canapés developed and prepared by the Chotto Matte team and Louise Wagstaffe, UK Culinary Lead for Redefine Meat, consisting of Oyster Mushroom Tostadita (a Chotto Matte signature), New-Meat™ Lamb Kofta and New-Meat™ bao bun Sliders to demonstrate the ‘swap-in’ versatility of New-Meat™ versions of modern menu favourites.

Film by Gareth Davies Media.

The chefs were then treated to a menu that typifies the Nikkei Japanese-Peruvian fusion taste of Chotto Matte with delicious Nikkei Sashimi, New-Meat™ Mince Gyoza (now permanently on Chotto Matte’s menu), New-Meat™ Beef Flank Teriyaki, New-Meat™ Lamb Flank Spicy Miso and Chotto Matte’s iconic Dessert platter.

Louise Wagstaffe, Redefine Meat’s Culinary Art Consultant, says, “I am delighted to be working with such amazing chefs in the UK on this exciting product endorsed by Marco Pierre White, who says it’s the cleverest thing he’s seen in forty years of being a chef.

“The Chefs’ Forum and the chefs that they work with all have the common aim of living and breathing hospitality and work to support the industry. It is the next generation of chefs in our catering colleges who will really have to work on plant-based menus and reducing meat consumption in their menus, so this is a fantastic opportunity for them to cook with Redefine Meat in a professional kitchen for an audience of top London chefs.”

Photo credit: Harry Elletson