Top Chefs say ‘Adande Leads the Way’ in Refrigeration

Easier to access, better looking and with uniquely stable storage temperatures – it’s no wonder that more chefs are turning to Adande when it comes to their refrigeration solutions.

Compact, efficient and robust, Adande continues to win awards for reliability and performance and the equipment has multiple benefits when compared to conventional refrigeration.

“Our product has the Craft Guild Accreditation and now carries the Guild’s logo with the ‘Approved Product’ stamp,” says Karl Hodgson, Adande’s UK Sales Director.

“Chefs can be assured that it has been tested by their peers. In fact, chefs can always contact our sales team and ask for a trial.

“It’s often the best way for a chef to experience the product first hand, receive some good advice with training pertinent to their unique set-up, and realise the multiple benefits for themselves before committing to purchase.“

Although Adande continues to win awards for our unique technology – there is nothing better than chefs hearing from other chefs about their experiences using the equipment.

Hywel Jones WEBHywel Jones, executive chef at Lucknam Park in Wiltshire says: “As chefs we spend a lot of time and effort sourcing the best quality ingredients to use. The same can be said about the equipment we use. Adande refrigerated drawer units are engineered to the highest standard, offer us total flexibility and reliability and instil confidence among the team. Having now used Adande for over a decade they have become integral to our business.”

Dan Doherty WEBDan Doherty of London’s Duck & Waffle is also a fan. He says: “Adande are great units to utilise space and they hold their temperatures well. The ability to switch from fridge to freezer so quickly is really handy, too.”

Claudio Cardoso WEBAs a chef using a lot of fresh fish and seafood, Cláudio Cardoso, corporate chef at London’s Sushisamba, says the precise temperature controls of Adande are one of the reasons why he uses the equipment.

“I think Adande is probably the best equipment available on the market right now. It is extremely versatile and perfect for keeping perishable ingredients at a low temperature.

“At Sushisamba, we deal with fresh fish and the Adande is great for keeping it at a stable low temperature despite drawers being constantly opened during a busy service.

“The Adande is also space-saving as the motor is on the back, as opposed to on the side, like many other products. Space is at a premium in our kitchens.

“I can wholeheartedly recommend Adande to any chef requiring a world class refrigeration solution.”

Former National Chef of the Year, Roux Scholar and Michelin star Executive Chef at Gilpin Hotel & Lake House, Hrishikesh Desai, has used Adande for the past decade.

He says that as well as the stability of the temperatures, Adande has helped his team organise sections and it’s also easy to clean, which saves time.

Adande Logo“I trust the Adande refrigeration system – it has never let me down, and I have ten drawers set over two kitchens. I would thoroughly recommend Adande to anyone.”

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