The Season of Good Will

We reflect on what this time of the year means and how we can all play our part during a very stressful time.

Kindness costs nothing but is often rewarded in beautiful ways. Up and down the country, right now, businesses are wondering how much longer they can stay open. Some have already closed like Bao Baron in Folkestone which closed its doors on Monday. A family run business that just couldn’t make it work. The business has been overwhelmed by the support is has received on social media.

Christmas is so often a stressful time but this year it runs deeper. Strikes, energy costs, soaring food prices and the costs of keeping staff are all prevalent this year. Everywhere you look there’s bad news. And yet, look a little deeper and you’ll find extraordinary acts of kindness going on in hospitality even from businesses that are teetering on the brink.

Many restaurants, such as London’s Pied a Terre, have embraced a new culture by inviting staff to come in for a meal on their days off. Owner David Moore told The Telegraph it was important to offer extra support this winter because workers “don’t want to be seen to be needing it” and he doesn’t see the cost-of-living-crisis going away anytime soon.

Other restaurants have opened emergency larders for their staff. These acts of kindness and consideration go a long way to promoting a sense of bonding in a team and demonstrate the commitment and responsibility of managers and owners.

Hospitality is a giving business and it’s true that the more you give, the more you receive.