The Crab & Hammer’s David Markham Becomes Crustastun Ambassador

The sentience bill is coming and restaurants that use a lot of lobster and crab can get ahead of the game by installing a Crustastun machine now in preparation. The machine uses technology that stuns shellfish in a humane way with no cruelty and even improves flavour.

David Markham explains:

“There is this issue going on around sentience and the population is behind it. And when anyone asks we explain that we use Crustastun and it is compassionate. We’ve done our part to make sure our restaurant dispatches crab in the most humane manner.

“We’ve very quickly started to adopt the Crustastun technology, from a humane perspective mainly. We use it in our larger crab business, Blue Sea Crab, and when we opened The Crab & Hammer it was a natural progression to use a smaller version in the kitchen.

“We’ve had comments from the likes of Raymond Blanc and The Waterside Inn how they can really notice the difference in the flavour of the crab.

“The first round of the sentience bill doesn’t actually cover crab but it’s in the post. It is coming. We saw that it made absolute sense to have it. We now cover the whole picture of boat to plate making sure that we look after every species we offer on our menu. “

The Crustastun is available from Mitchell & Cooper – For more information please click here.