The Chefs’ Table at its Best

Normally it’s the other way round – we’re the ones doing the hard graft at our popular chefs lunches and events so you can enjoy yourselves. But recently we were treated to a full-on chefs’ experience at The Dorchester by our friends at Redefine Meat and we wanted to share what we discovered.

Of course, The Chef’s Table is nothing new. And yet, in a position overlooking the main kitchen at The Dorchester and with Dorchester Exec Sous Chef Soham Sonawane and Pastry Chef Michael Kwan in charge of the cooking and serving we were quite literally, bowled over.

We were joined at the table by Redefine Meat superstars Louise Wagstaffe and Callum Braddock, Mano Mayfair chef Luciana Barry and Masterchef: The Professionals finalist Exose Grant for a special dinner and it really was a treat.

It was great to give chefs some downtime in advance of a full house booked the following day, where they would be cooking for industry legend Marco Pierre White at London’s Carousel event venue, plus fifty more industry peers.

This was a once in a lifetime experience and a celebration of months of hard work planning and executing yet another bespoke event for a high profile customer.

Here’s what was served on a special menu, printed just for us, with fine wines expertly paired to each course:

The team at The Dorchester were superb and it really demonstrated to us how good the chefs table is at bringing you close to the action and enjoying an intimacy with chefs that the dining room can’t deliver.

The chefs’ table at The Dorchester really is an opportunity to see how it should be done and experience one of the hottest tickets in town.

The Chefs’ Forum would like to thank Soham and Michael for a truly magical evening and for their ongoing support for the next generation of chefs.

Their parting gift to us was a chocolate model of The Dorchester to celebrate its 90-year anniversary, such an amazing finishing touch to the perfect culinary experience.

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