Synergy Grill Hold Online Live Demo – Wednesday 13th December at 10.30am – TUNE IN!

Synergy Grill are holding their first ever online, live demonstration via YouTube tomorrow morning (Wednesday 13th December).

The live filming will take place tomorrow from 10.30am and will give viewers the chance to see the Synergy Grill in action.

The multi-functional Synergy Grill has a number of benefits both for the cooking and also the efficiency and economics of the kitchen – this live demo aims to showcase these and allow viewers to watch from the comfort of their own office.

The YouTube demonstration is the first to be organised by Synergy Grill and more are set to be organised going into 2018.

Those watching will also get the chance the ask any questions they may have about the Synergy Grill, all they have to do is type their question into the comments box and it will be picked up the live demo host, Leander Cadbury, Synergy Grill’s Director of International Business.

Tune into Synergy Grill’s YouTube channel at 10.30am tomorrow, Wednesday December 13 and see exactly what Synergy can do.