Robot Coupe UK is Now Offering a Personalised HD Video Service

Robot Coupe UK

Robot Coupe UK is now offering a new additional service alongside its market leading onsite demos.  The need for instant service is now more important than ever.  A service to not only find a solution for the customer more quickly than ever before, but also a service to exceed expectations.

This is why we have been working behind the scenes for many months, to fine tune and bring  our new Personalised HD Video Service to life.

Having a top of the range camera with 10 x zoom, and market leading speaker system, we can allow you, and your customer to get up close to the equipment and produce, from any location of your choice.

All personalised meetings are just that.  Before we make an appointment, one of our Solution Managers and Development Chefs will talk through what is needed, followed by a simple online form, so the customer can easily upload images of the desired product they are trying to achieve.  We will then ensure the produce is on site, ready for the non rushed meeting, and try all options available till we reach the best solution.

Here’s what some of our clients said about the service:

“A big thank you to Jamie for assisting us and pleased to say I’ve bought the Robotcoupe ultra and couldn’t be happier with the service and product. Highly recommend to every busy commercial kitchen.”

The quality of the video call was excellent, as a participant I could see everything that was being described perfectly. Overall an excellent session.”

To enquire further or to book an appointment, please contact Robot Coupe on 0208 8232 1800.