Product of the Month: Cooktek Induction from MCS Technical Products

Creating a fantastic dish is not just about using the best ingredients. How those ingredients are cooked is a delicate science that requires control and precision. And CookTek, one of the world’s leading producers of induction solutions, has a range of products that can not only improve the cooking experience but also lower bills and contribute to a more energy efficient kitchen.

Traditional gas and electric ranges cook food through indirect heat, relying on conduction and radiation to the metal of the cookware. They often provide uneven and inconsistent heating, leading to under or overcooked food that does not live up to its potential flavour. What sets CookTek magnetic induction cooktops apart from traditional gas and electric cooking ranges is its ability to effectively heat and cook food through induction cooking.

The special features of CookTek’s MagnaWave™ induction cooktops differentiate CookTek from other professional kitchen equipment manufacturers and they have developed a range of features based on feedback from customers.

Inside each CookTek induction cooktop is a built-in SmarTemp™ microprocessor that monitors key internal components 120 times per second. It works to protect against power surges and to check for any problems associated with overheating, blocked airflow and almost anything else you can imagine. If a problem is detected, the unit will shut itself off before any real damage can occur. Also, an error code appears in the LED display, allowing you to easily diagnose and adjust for most problems immediately.

The CookTek glass smoothtop can withstand temperatures up to 1000°F. The high physical shock values allow the cooktop to withstand everyday use in a commercial kitchen. Certainly tough material, but very easy to clean!

Every electronic component was specified with the commercial kitchen environment in mind. CookTek knows that their cooktops will constantly be subjected to grease, flour, other food particles, and extremely high ambient temperatures in the kitchen and they have been rigorously tested to ensure they can withstand the pressure of the kitchen!

All CookTek induction cooktops have a conveniently located LED display. On the freestanding cooktops, it is located on the front panel. On the drop-in cooktops, it is located under the glass of the smoothtop surface for easy viewing.

Aesthetically speaking, most customers prefer a push button panel – it just looks better. However, when a customer compares cooking and controlling heat with a knob versus pushing buttons, they overwhelmingly prefer the knob. Not only is it easier to work with, but it’s more like working with the knob on a gas stove. By simply turning the knob left to right, just as you would with a gas stove, you are able to decrease or increase the power instantly.

The ceramic glass on CookTek cooktops is designed to withstand anything a commercial kitchen can offer and although it has extremely high shock values, they’ve built in yet another safeguard. Each cooktop – even our drop-in units – has a reinforced stainless steel edge that serves as extra protection around the edge of the glass to prevent splitting, cracking and safety issues.

If your recipe calls for a specific temperature, no problem. With the push of just one button, you can turn the knob from left to right to set a specific holding temperature anywhere between 85 and 450 degrees. When you buy induction cooktops from CookTek®, you can enjoy a broad range of 26 temperature settings to choose from. Buy induction cooktop ranges, and discover how even the most delicate dishes become simple to cook.

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To support the strength and reliability of the Cooktek brand, all Cooktek Cooking Equipment is supported by a 5 year parts and labour warranty.

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