Michelle’s Marvellous Molecular Masterclass

What do you get when you combine a group of talented young hospitality and catering students, one inspirational pastry chef and a selection of premium high-quality Sosa ingredients?

A Molecular Gastronomy masterclass like no other.

Michelle Gillot, UK Sosa consultant and private pastry chef, returned to Bradford College this Wednesday to deliver another compelling Chefs’ Forum Academy masterclass. Combining the chemistry and physics behind the culinary process with the artistic skills of plating, the students were truly in for a treat!

Several different scientific reactions were explored during the session, in which the students worked together to create different elements utilising the incredible ingredients made available by Sosa. These included: white chocolate powder rocks, apple semi gel, meringue, vegan mayo emulsifier and a potato airbag.

Speaking of the range of ingredients, Michelle said “I’ve been the UK Sosa consultant since 2011, I love the range, their products allow a chef to create more modern dishes that are less sweet, with less fats, resulting in more flavour. The products help with the ever-demanding dietary requirements of customers while respecting the raw ingredients. This works to speed up production, reducing working hours in the kitchen and allowing a chef to push the boundaries with food, both savoury and sweet, for a more sustainable future.”

She also shared her delight at working with the Level 3 students from the college, saying “The group were a pleasure to teach, very keen to get hands on and get creative with the new techniques they were shown, while grasping the theory and the ‘how and why’ of molecular gastronomy.”

Chef lecturer Andy Bray offered some words on his continued support of the monthly Chefs’ Forum Academy masterclasses delivered to his students, “What a fantastic session delivered today for my level 3 students. Michelle and The Chefs’ Forum team have delivered again.  The sessions are such a great benefit for the students.”

The college will be continuing on a high note next Thursday – with Exose Grant, MasterChef: The Professionals 2019 Finalist, who will be delivering a stunning 4 course guest chef evening to 40 VIP guests, supported by the college’s gifted Hospitality and Catering students.