Kol Brings Mexican Gastronomy to London!

Kol London

In terms of sheer variety catering college graduates have a world of choice available to them when they decide their first steps. There are always new restaurants opening and every so often one or two open that just seem to tick every box.

One of these is new restaurant Kol in London. If you know anything about modern restaurants you will be very interested in Kol as it has serious pedigree. The chef is Santiago Lastra from Mexico who has worked with some of world’s greatest chefs including Andoni Luis Aduriz of Mugaritz in Spain and René Redzepi of Noma in Denmark.

Kol, which is Spanish for cabbage, is a rarity. According to Lastra there are only a few examples of authentic Mexican cuisine in the world. Too many Mexican-themed restaurants overlook the real, hidden, beauty that makes the food so special.

Kol London“The name comes from the idea that you can take something very simple and make it very special if you want to,” Lastra told GQ Magazine. “And the menu will seem like traditional Mexican food, but will be much more refined and will always use British produce. For example, we use roasted gooseberries to create tomatillos; pistachios become our guacamole. The only things we are bringing in from outside the UK are dried chillies and corn.”

The menu is fascinating. You’ll find a seaweed, chilli and mezcal broth alongside a confit of pork cheek with cabbage leaves, gooseberry and pear salsa and black beans. There’s also a squash sorbet.

The reason to get excited?

Very occasionally a chef breaks new grounds and introduces a cuisine that is unlike anything that has ben seen before. Kol is one of those. Even if you just go for a meal the experience will be memorable. If you decide to pluck up the courage and ask to do a stage you will be rewarded with something that could kickstart your food journey.