It’s Time to Talk Turkey!

It may be the last thing on your mind, but Christmas is not that far away. On Beechridge Farm on the Somerset/Devon border, the turkey poults – the young chicks that are destined for our tables – are arriving today!

Beechridge Farm don’t just rear turkeys, though. They do duck, geese and chickens as well. It’s a third generation farm that has evolved from rearing a few chickens for a local farm shop into a considerable enterprise.

When it comes to poultry there are a number of choices that chefs can make. It’s easy to turn a blind eye and buy on price. However, an increasing number of chefs are buying on provenance and principle these days and defying price hikes and inflation to continue to support the artisan farmers that are struggling to produce top class, high welfare products.

Goosemoor Foodservice does just this and only supply chefs with this mindset.

Yes, you can source cheaper alternatives, but they don’t taste the same and haven’t been nurtured and grown in a free range, high-welfare environment.

Customers are asking where there food comes from, this traceability story justifies why you may charge more for the dish, the taste is incomparible.

Top chef and Masterchef the Professionals judge Marcus Wareing visited Beechridge recently as part of his Tales from a Kitchen Garden series. He was impressed with the ducks he found at Beechridge and said so on the show: “That has to be the tenderest duck breast I think I have ever eaten straight from the pan,” he said.

So, spare a thought for the farmers who are working in the heat to get the best birds ready for Christmas and shouldering the cost increases at the same time.

The drought conditions are meaning that the farmers need to give the birds extra food, as pastures and meadows are scorched.

We believe that all chefs should take pride in the ingredients they serve and choosing the right turkey, duck, goose or chicken is all part of that.

Why are these birds so different? It’s a good question. The reason is that they are grown for longer which means more feed and more energy for keeping them warm and healthy. Secondly, they are often different breeds that grow more slowly. Modern chickens, the cheap ones, have been bred to put on breast weight quickly and live shorter lives. They are also injected with water to boost weight after slaughter. The flavour profile of a slow grown chicken is very different. It’s no different to sourdough bread that’s made slowly. It tastes better than a cheap sliced loaf.

To order some delicious Beechridge poultry or find out more about Christmas Geese or Turkey availability, call the Goosemoor team today on 01392 873036.