Introducing the New 8 Litre Compact Duobath™ from Clifton Food Range®

Clifton Food Range® takes great pleasure in introducing its new 8 litre Compact Duobath™ ~ A variation on the popular 8 litre Duobath ™.

With the controls placed on the narrow end, the whole unit can be run ‘front to back’ on the counter top. This results in efficient space saving in busy kitchens. Drain taps for each chamber are located on the front panel making it easy to clean and use.

The Compact Duobath™ allows the chef to cook at two different temperatures simultaneously and with two different liquids, e.g. water in one side and oil in the other. The Duobath ™ includes a run-dry protection function, low water level warning and current time and temperature settings will be retained in memory even after ‘power off’. The side lifting handles are offset to ensure that the bath is balanced when carried around the kitchen.

Managing Director, Melvin Dickson says:

“We are really excited to have expanded our range of baths to now offer chefs a variation on the popular 8 litre Duobath™. This model not only allows the chef to use two chambers at any one time, but makes more efficient use of counter top space used in busy kitchens.”

All products in the Clifton Food Range® are manufactured in the UK and come with a 2-year warranty.

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