Introducing Global Ni

Thirty years ago, a young Japanese designer called Komin Yamada was given a mission to develop a range of knives that was truly new and revolutionary, using the best materials available as well as the latest manufacturing techniques.

Thirty years on, not only was his mission a success but the knives he designed quickly became a worldwide phenomenon, and the best kitchen knives to buy on the market.

Global Knives are outstanding in the kitchen due to their razor sharp blade. The knife’s seamless design and dots on the handle is recognised by millions of food lovers and chefs all over the world and this is evidently the reason why the brand has a cabinet full of awards.

Since 1985, Global has taken great steps to enhance the quality and performance of the product and has continuously expanded its range of classic knives, as well as bring out a new series called Global SAI which is equally as successful as the original Global range.

GN-007 GN Series GLOBAL NI Santoku KnifeNow, last but not least we are very excited to introduce the brand new series from Global, Global Ni. The Global Ni is an updated design by Komin Yamada, who focussed on developing a knife with the professional chef in mind.  This fresh new alternative series has a higher specification and performance. It has ergonomic handles and oriental style blades which delivers a more precise cut.

The first 10 Global Ni knives are owned by the judges of the Roux Scholarship, who, like the knives are rulers in the food industry. Albert Roux also comments, ‘This knife is unbelievably fantastic. It holds very well in the hand and is extremely well balanced.’

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