The online brainstorming partner for chefs has been launched in The UK!

Amsterdam, 8 May 2018 – Over the last six years, the team from has worked together with professional chefs from around the world to build an enormous database of culinary knowledge and inspiration.

The goal is to promote a global reference work created for and by chefs. More than 20,000 chefs are currently working with this online tool, which contains thousands of recipes from all types of cuisines. The global rollout will be launched in The UK. As of today, British chefs are a hyper-modern culinary knowledge platform richer!

‘Gastronomixs provides recipes in the form of building blocks which every chef can use to create endless variations of dishes.’


The biggest difference to other sources is that Gastronomixs provides knowledge in the form of building blocks, also called components. These are not dishes, but preparations of one single ingredient such as smoked potato, fermented carrot, or roast pineapple, which form part of a recipe. Classic preparations and the latest techniques are all conveniently arranged per ingredient on Gastronomixs. Spending hours searching for the perfect recipe or dish is a thing of the past!

The classic British preparations have, of course, also been included in the varied list of preparations from French, Asian, and South American cuisine and innovative preparations from top chefs from across the world. One very important point to note is that all components have been made and tested by a team of professional chefs. As a result, Gastronomixs can offer users a highly reliable source of knowledge.

‘In comparison to most recipe sites, all content on Gastronomixs has been made and tested by professional chefs.’


Are you looking for a fresh component to complete your dish? Do you want to give one of your most popular starters a unique twist? Have you been tasked with developing a three-course vegetarian menu? is here to simplify the creative culinary process of chefs! Every chef can come here to develop creative recipes using the platform as their online brainstorming partner. By playing with the thousands of components on Gastronomixs, chefs are encouraged in a positive way to think outside the box.

For just €6 per month or €60 per year, you have full access to the platform. But you can always first try a free two-week account to see how Gastronomixs can inspire you. Go to and be inspired!

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