Gadget of the Month: The FRIMA 112T VarioCooking Center Multificiency – FREE Trial to Chefs’ Forum Members

FRIMA’s award-winning VarioCooking Center Multificiency allows chefs to boil, grill, fry, low temperature cook, deep fry and pressure cook, precisely and easily, all in one unit. It’s up to four times as fast, and saves up to 40% in energy, compared to conventional appliances.

Recently head Chef Jeremy Bloor of the Oxo Tower Restaurant installed a FRIMA VarioCooking Center.  He and his team are so impressed they are about to install a second one.

Frima Jeremy food for site“We use it for a range of different foods, using different techniques, from blanching asparagus to cooking pork belly under sous vide,” says Jeremy.  “Our oxtail cooked under pressure is also great, falling from the bone, super-moist, in half the time it takes to cook conventionally.

“The FRIMA has cut the cooking time of our stocks down by 50%, too.  With veal and chicken stocks there is no skimming needed at the first stage and the stock stays perfectly clear, without clouding.  The yield is excellent – what you put in, you get out.  Plus, pressure cooking this way has reduced waste heat throughout the kitchen, with less condensation, and it minimises cleaning.”

Despite the FRIMA’s hi-tech appearance, Jeremy says it is extremely easy to operate.  “A quick training session and we were up to speed.  The touch screen control is the same as is on a Rational, so it’s a system most chefs have used,” he says

Now The Chefs’ Forum has arranged for you to be able to trial the latest VarioCooking Center, the compact 112T, for four weeks, in your kitchen, for free.

FRIMA VarioCooking Center rangeDespite measuring just 962mm wide by 800mm deep and 400mm high, the 112T has two 14 litre pans, giving it the capacity to cook large volumes of food.  The compact footprint means it can be used anywhere: on a table, a work surface, a central cooking block, a production area…  wherever it’s needed. It takes space-saving multifunctional cooking technology to a new level, replacing kettles, tilting pans, bratt pans, fryers and griddles, saving 30% or more space in the kitchen.

Because the 112T is a countertop unit, it is easy to install, and operators taking up the free trial offer will get on-site training from an expert FRIMA chef to ensure they get the most out of their four weeks.

FRIMA logo squareTo find out more about booking a free trial visit email or call FRIMA UK on 0845 680 3981.