FREE CHEFS’ FOOD QUIZ TO FEED YOUR MIND – Monday 13th April at 2pm – Register now!

Join acclaimed food writer and food quiz aficionada, Sudi Pigott for her inaugural CHEFFY FOOD & DRINK QUIZ next Monday 13 April at 2pm on Zoom and every  subsequent Monday afternoon.  

Whilst we’re not staging networking events, we feel it really important that chefs maintain contact with each other and keep their fingers on the industry pulse!

Every day is a school day and what better way to brush-up on our culinary knowledge then to enter into a food quiz online with up to twenty other chefs, completely free of charge, with a great foodie prize for the winner?!

Sudi portrait Food Writing Workshop

Sudi says

“I’m missing restaurants as much, yet differently, to all of you.   I’ve been a food writer,  restaurant critic and book author for more than 20 years writing for The i Paper, Daily Mail,  FT Weekend, The Spectator, Culture Whisper, Fine Dining Lovers and many more.     I’ve travelled and dined with the world’s best chefs.  Among many highlights, I’ve visited the  world’s only museum of balsamico tradizionale and parmigiano reggiano caves with  Massimo Bottura, toured Paris in the back of a limo with Alain Ducasse visiting his favourite  shops (and one shopper mistook him for a sales assistant in a cookware shop to hilarious  effect),  wandered San Sebastian Old Town with Elena Arzak and eaten in the kitchen at  Arzak,  and had an all day lunch with Bjorn Frantzen just before he got his third star at  Frantzen.”

River Exe 3

Cheffy questions to FEED YOUR MIND will be a mix of the arcane, the silly, the suggestive, the   “I ought to know that” and “how did I get so far without knowing such food trivia”, plus guessing the function of intriguing culinary gadgets . It will all be mixed in with Sudi’s culinary  anecdotes of a life spent deliciously.  There is a surprise foodie PRIZE TOO.

We would love you to join in!

The quiz will last an hour and cost you nothing as The Chefs’ Forum will pay a £5.00 entry fee for each of up to twenty chefs each Monday.  Don’t worry, if you don’t get onto this week’s quiz, you will be first on the list for next week’s quiz.

It will be fun, noisy,  not too hard, with plenty of multiple choice questions too, and time for a bit of banter with  fellow chefs!

Testimonials from last Sunday’s quiz: 

“Great fun, I am definitely back next week”. Chef Sven-Hanson Britt, Masterchef the  Professional Rematch winner 2019

“That was fun! Hard, but we learned a lot of new food trivia, we’ll join again in the future.”  Philip Evans, co-founder Pelagonia Foods (participating from Macedonia!!)

To register your free place, email