Fred Sirieix at Wormwood Scrubs

Fred Sirieix has announced he is to open a second prison-based restaurant. Following the success of the first, opened by his charity The Right Course, at HMP Isis in Thamesmead he will now open a similar restaurant at Wormwood Scrubs.

The Right Course is a charity set up by Fred Sirieix to train up prisoners in hospitality and give them the skills they need to get jobs upon release from prison. The venues are opened in what were prison staff restaurants and are operated as of they were on the high street.

Fred said on Twitter: “Very excited to announce the opening of our 2nd The Right Course #charity #restaurant @ HMP Wormwood #Scrubs in early April.”

The Wormwood Scrubs project will feature both a coffee shop and a full table service restaurant. Fred explained: “The aim is to ensure offenders learn the skills and values of hospitality so that upon release they can gain employment thus reducing re-offending (currently about 50%) and helping to solve the skills and staff shortage in the restaurant hospitality business.”

Prisoners can get the chance to cook alongside chefs from some of London’s elite restaurants. Chefs who have taken part so far include Jose Pizarro, Chris Galvin and Joo Won (Galvin at Windows).