Nexa – Your answer to successful hand hygiene compliance

Ecolab Inc., a global leader in hygiene and infection prevention solutions have launched a new, innovative hand hygiene programme called Nexa which combines bacteria-killing chemistry, innovative dispensing and world class support.

Everybody knows the importance of hand hygiene, yet 95% of people don’t wash their hands adequately* with reasons ranging from messy and dirty soap dispensers deterring use, to a lack of formal training and low awareness of risks.

“Nexa provides the answer to successful hand hygiene compliance” explained Bryan Maser, Ecolab vice president of Institutional Marketing – Europe. “Every year in Europe 1.2 billion hands get washed using Ecolab products, so we know what’s required to implement good hand hygiene practice. The mix of efficient dispensing and effective products combined with the correct procedures and ongoing support ensures the right results for our customers.”

Dispenser_Auto_HRThe stylish Nexa soap dispenser contains an anti-drip pump which pulls any excess product back in, helping to avoid slips and trips. The cutting edge pump technology also minimises product waste since it evacuates up to 99% of the product contained in Nexa’s airtight, easily recycled bottles.

The multi-use units are easy to refill and are suitable for all types of Nexa products, whether gels, liquids or foams, plus the energy saving touch-free dispenser washes 44% more hands before requiring a change of battery.**

Just buying soap does not constitute good hand hygiene practice, which is why, alongside the innovative dispenser and simplified products, Ecolab’s Territory Managers work with customers to provide expert training, continued awareness and ongoing support.

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