Could Wu Cha Become a Sunday Tradition like the Roast?

In the UK the Sunday lunch is all about a roast in a pub. But in Asia families gather for Wu Cha which is a multi-course tea enjoyed throughout Asia.

At Blue Jasmine restaurant on Southampton’s marina the concept of a British Wu Cha has been established by executive chef Daren Liew. The menu known as Asiatique Champage Wu Cha is available every Sunday from 12:00 – 17:00 for parties of two or more.

Special ingredients have been sourced from throughout South East Asia and transformed into seven delicate small plates in a new twist on the Wu Cha ceremony.

The menu starts with “A Glass to Start” which is Champagne Luis Roederer Reserve Collection. This is followed by:

“As Dreams Fly By”
Roasted cordyceps mushroom and truffle duck

“Dances of the Sea”
Spicy butter prawn with edamame and cherry tomato

“The Beckoning of Blossoms”
Traditional Hakka pork belly with pickled vegetable and pineapple

“Sauntering Among The Green Leaves”
Crispy black pepper butter chicken with pine nuts

“Golden Sweet Dreams”
Steamed charcoal Bao with salted egg cream

“To Warm The Soul”
Organic multigrain rice and seaweed butter with Japanese miso

“Sweet Memories”
Chef’s sharing selection of desserts

Chef Daren Liew told The Chefs’ Forum

“It’s a popular concept and we’re thrilled to have it back on the menu. Families love to go out for Sunday lunch here and this is a way that brings a touch of the Orient to the traditional Sunday offering which is different but the sharing concept makes it fun.”

Liew has over 25 years experience working in some of the best Chinese and Oriental restaurants in London’s Mayfair.

“It really was very special,” said Catherine Farinha, director of The Chefs’ Forum. “It’s a clever idea and I can see it becoming more and more popular. We took the family and we really enjoyed ourselves.”