Copenhagen-based Chef to Host One-night Collaborative Dinner at Brighton’s Silo

Renowned Venezuelan chef Karlos Ponte of Restaurant Taller in Copenhagen, will cook for one night only at Brighton’s Silo restaurant.

In Denmark, Restaurant Taller’s menu is based on Venezuelan cuisine with its diverse range of flavours, due to the country’s varied landscape of Caribbean shores, dense Amazonian jungle, vast grassy plains and towering Andes.

For this exclusive event, however, Ponte will work collaboratively with Silo founder Doug McMaster and head chef Dan Gibeon to create an inventive eight-course menu drawing on the inspirations shared by both renowned restaurants.

Translated from the Spanish for “workshop”, the Taller kitchen is depicted as a creative space where craftsmanship and exploration abound, working with both new and traditional culinary techniques – an important practice that is at the core of both restaurants’ ideologies.

Silo steers clear of over-processed industrialised systems, turning varieties of wheat into flour the original way using an on-site mill, as well as churning their own butter, producing almond milk, rolling oats and supporting a nose to tail ideology, using as much as of an animal as possible, out of respect for nature.

A menu has been created specially for this bespoke event, showcasing ingredients originally from Venezuela combined with the fresh produce sourced from around the UK or foraged by the Silo team.

Ponte also brings Diplomatico Rum to the event, a carefully crafted sipping rum from Venezuela, widely recognised as one of the finest in the world, for guests to enjoy at a tasting demonstration before dinner.

Dishes on the menu will include oysters, mango, ham oil, mirasol chilli oil, blood orange and angostura bitters granite; corn arepa and caviar (a flatbread made of corn, lardo, chicken stock and caviar); Pizca Andina (Pomm eanna glazed with duck stock, duck egg yolk and foamy sauce of milk, parsley and roasted spring onions), Yuca (roasted cassava root, sour cassava root cream, brown butter, ancho chilli and pine, and langoustine and blood sausage (rum-steamed langoustine, Venezuelan blood sausage pure and tomato crisp. Dessert will be 100% Venezuelan cocoa ganache and frozen air seasoned with seaweed, dry blackberries and pink pepper.

The evening will start at 6pm with a demonstration from Diplomatico Rum and a complimentary drink upon arrival before serving dinner at 7.30pm. Tickets are priced at £45 per person (including five-course dinner, cocktail and wine pairing). They can be bought from here.