All You Need to Know to be a Brilliant Chef

The Chefs’ Knowledge is a new book for student and junior chefs that teaches, explains and reveals the key aspects to being a chef from how to be the best commis and the real way to use a knife all the way through to having an understanding of the 100 dishes that every chef should know.

Put together by The Chefs’ Forum and written by editor Chandos Elletson The Chefs’ Knowledge is a journey of discovery for young chefs to learn from as they set out on their career. Learning at college is an important step but to get onto the right path in professional kitchens some hard truths need to be accepted and learned.

The Chefs’ Knowledge is a book of lessons and recipes by chefs for chefs. We have chosen a stellar list of working professionals who are at the top of their game. From industry veterans Mark Hix, Henry Harris, Jesse Dunford Wood, Graham Garrett and Michael Dutnall you’ll learn the classics the way they are done at the highest level – and why they are so important.

But, the repertoire has changed over the last few decades and today the dishes and techniques you need to know go far beyond the old classic French. Today you need an understanding of dishes from Italy, Spain, North Africa, The Middle East, India, Asia, China and Japan.

So, our key list of the 100 dishes every chef should know includes classic dishes from all those regions meaning that readers can get a real sense of where food is right now and how to adapt it as you get more experienced.

If there is one truth a junior chef should know right at the beginning of their career it is this: walk before you run. Get yourself into a good kitchen and listen. Soak it up and learn the craft one step at a time – and don’t be in a hurry for glory. That’s advice from two Michelin star chef and Great British Menu hero Daniel Clifford of Cambridge’s Midsummer House.

The Chefs’ Knowledge is filled with advice from leading chefs. You’ll find twenty interviews with nuggets of gold littered through the book making The Chefs’ Knowledge a must-read for every aspiring chef.

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