A Tribute to Hairy Biker, Chef Dave Myers who has Died Aged 66

The UK has had a love affair with motorbikes and food for what seems like decades. It all started with Two Fat Ladies in 1996 when Jennifer Patterson and Clarissa Dickson Wright famously roared round the British countryside terrifying and delighting everyone in their path. The series was immensely popular but only ran for four seasons and with its passing left a hole in the public consciousness.

Whether The Hairy Bikers was meant to be the replacement is now lost in TV folklore but there is no question that Dave Myers and Si King definitely took up where Jennifer and Clarissa left off. Their first show – a ride through Portugal – was aired in 2004 and the final series is still running.

The delight of The Hair Bikers is that it was not born out of trying to find a replacement duo. Myers was working as a makeup artist on a TV drama where he met King. They became firm friends and shared a love of food, travel and bikes. They were a hit from the start.

Myers never lost his Cumbrian touch. He was born in Barrow-in-Furness in 1957 and had a soft and charming character that warmed the heart of anyone who watched him. The pair became household favourites and travelled extensively together and opened-up many new locations and recipes to audiences who were drawn in by their mix of simple charm and love of good food – and bikes. Together, The Hairy Bikers produced 25 cookery books along with their numerous series. Myers will be much missed and we will miss him, too. He had the ability to reach ordinary people in an extraordinary way.

Dave Myers 8/9/1957 – 28/2/2024.