A New Set of Knives from F.Dick is A Prize Worth Winning – Simply Fill Out the Rational Survey!

A new set of knives from F.Dick is a prize worth winning. Even more so when they come in a unique knife holder from Rational. All you have to do to enter the draw is fill out a survey about your business. Three knife sets will be given out in a beautiful Rational-branded knife roll worth £350!

The survey is well worth doing for a very good reason; Technology has changed cooking for the better. It is possible now to run a kitchen with two, central, pieces of equipment – a Rational iCombi and a Rational iVario multifunctional cooking system. With the ability to micromanage a heatable surface into 4 zones the days of the range and umpteen pans that need washing may be drawing to a close.

This may be a vision of the future, but it also makes perfect sense. The iVario multifunctional cooking system is now a stockpot, a pressure cooker and a plancha all in one. Technology is not de-skilling the kitchen like it was once feared. Instead, world-leading technology is liberating chefs to become more creative because consistency is at its core.

Many kitchens find that their combi is indispensable. It can work all night, switch itself on and off and prove and bake bread ready for the morning. And this is the reason that Rational want to know more about your business. They are working with The Chefs’ Forum to understand how you are operating and what type of business you are in – whether it’s pub, hospital, care home, hotel, supermarket, convenience store or cafe/coffee shop.

This information will enable Rational to build the next generation of technology to make your kitchen even more efficient. So, complete the survey, contribute to Rational’s innovation strategy and put yourself in a position to win a set of knives and look forward to a bright future.

As you will have noticed, The Chefs’ Forum has been working closely with Rational to keep you updated with the latest information on new products and equipment ranges. There is also a fantastic webinar facility for you to find out all about the cutting-edge features and functionality of the new iCombi and iVario ranges.

Previous winners of Chefs’ Forum competitions showcasing Rational have nothing but praise for the leading combi oven manufacturer. They have hugely benefitted from winning a fantastic F.Dick knife roll worth £350.

Here’s what they had to say about it:

“My F.Dick Rational knives go everywhere with me, they are the best set of knives I’ve had.
I was stoked to win the competition – Huge thanks to The Chefs’ Forum and Rational. Rational is an integral part of my kitchen and I wouldn’t use anything else!”
Andy Chan, Head Chef, Luxury Family Hotels

“I was delighted to win a set of F.Dick knives, they are very comfortable, excellent sharpness, they keep the edge very well – There’s a knife for every task in the kit.”

“I have used Rational for all my career as a chef spanning 26 years. Their equipment is the best in the industry and seems to just get better and better as the technology advances. We would love a new iVario Pro for the college kitchen to show how many pieces of kitchen equipment can be amalgamated into one machine.

My oldest Rational in the college kitchen is 25 years old, practically an antique and still works perfectly.”
Gavin George , Course Lead Chef Lecturer, Coleg Gwent

“Rational are hands-down the best combi ovens. It’s great to see the new iCombi range and the webinars showcasing the latest innovations.”

“My F.Dick knives won in the last Rational competition have proved invaluable. I really enjoy working with them – A truly great prize!”
Matt Budden, Executive Chef, Hilton, Bournemouth

The Chefs’ Forum would like to thank you all for taking part in the survey and wish you the very best of luck in winning this Rational-branded F.Dick knife roll!