A Level up From a Blind Tasting Set for Casa Brasil – Calling All Wine Buyers & Sommeliers!

The Chefs’ Forum is working on a very exciting project with Luciana Berry and Apex Brasil to assist in staging the biggest ever exhibition of Brazilian ingredients, drinks and culture, ever to take place in London from the 25th August-7th September 2022.

September 2nd will see a special Wine and Cachaça day take place at The Stables, Covent Garden and forty sommeliers, wine buyers and F&B Managers are invited to take part in a fantastic walk around the various producers and a ground-breaking blind tasting and pairing of the wonderful Brazilian wines on offer.

The wine world is used to blind tastings. They’ve become routine since the famous Judgement of Napa in 1976 when American wines beat their French counterparts in a tasting that shocked the wine world.

However, at Casa Brasil, a fantastic Brazilian produce exhibition, taking place the wine world will go one further and indulge wine experts in a completely blind tasting – by using blindfolds. This is being done to examine the unique properties of Brazilian wine and Cachaça – a fiery spirit made from sugarcane.

The Chefs’ Forum is working with UVIBRA Wines of Brazil to ensure that the cream of the wine world attend this exceptional event.

Master of ceremonies will be Dr Hoby Welder a blind chemist from the USA who was named a 40 under 40 Tastemaker by The Wine Enthusiast.

Welder specialises in Tasting in the Dark sessions and as he says: “Nobody can see atoms. Challenge yourself to exceed your own expectations. Everyday.”

The purpose of this session is to see how much we can focus solely on the Brazilian wines when we’re not distracted by our sight.

There is an open invitation to all wine buyers, sommeliers and interested chefs to join a special event at Casa Brasil to taste wine and Cachaça in a new way.

Catherine Farinha, Director of The Chefs’ Forum and ‘Tasting in the Dark’ organiser at Casa Brasil said:

“It’s a unique chance to take part in something really unique. The best of Brazil’s wine led by a world-renowned chemist who Barack Obama named a Champion of Change.

“Not only will you learn from the experience of working with Dr Welder but there will be items to take home, too. And Brazilian wine is also excellent! Get in touch to find out more and book your place.”

Any wine buyers, sommeliers, F&B managers or restaurant managers wishing to attend Casa Brasil in Covent Garden for the blind tasting session should contact catherine@redcherry.uk.com