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Rational Technology

The Chefs’ Forum is delighted to present two new pieces of kitchen equipment by Rational, which have both set new standards for automated and precision cooking: The new iVario Pro and iCombi Pro models take existing technology to new levels making cooking more precise than ever before.

The iVario Pro multifunctional cooking system works with contact heat that can be separated into zones cutting down the need to have every part of the surface heated at the same time. With four zones the iVario Pro can cook four different things at the same time, all heated to different temperatures. This cuts down on kitchen space and allows for multiple batch cooking.

It may be similar to the ‘Hoover effect’, but the work we have been doing recently in filming chefs in their own kitchens tells us that Rational is the brand of choice, not only in Combi steamer ovens but the iVario Pro is proving to be an ‘object de desire’ among our members.

“The RATIONAL iVario is fast, really fast and it is so easy to use. Not only does it look fantastic, it delivers outstanding food quality without checking or supervision.”

RATIONAL Ross Crook C.F.S.P.

Regional Corporate Chef

Even if a kitchen update isn’t on the cards for the time being for obvious reasons, now is the time to investigate new technology and see how it can add value to your kitchen in terms of saving time and money and improving levels of precision and productivity.

Rehan Uddin , Bombay Express Chef Owner and Asian Restaurant Owners Network, Managing Director said

“The iCombi Pro has allowed me to reduce my cooking times by as much as half for a lot of my items. Chicken curry, lamb tikka, sheek kebabs all made at speed, all ready, fresh to order.

Being able to interject and manipulate the cooking process part way through gives me the cutting edge on perfecting my product.

Asian food is complex and requires a lot of care and attention. The iVario Pro and iCombi Pro allow for less observation and more time to concentrate on the service itself.

Speed, efficiency and one touch iProductionManager that connects to your smartphone via ConnectedCooking. You can control this electronic chef from anywhere in the world. Quite amazing. “

Combined with intelligent menu function and provisions controls the iVario Pro can achieve a reduction of up to 40% in energy than conventional tilting pans and boiling pans and offers up to 20% higher searing capacity. It is equally as impressive when using pressure cooking – up to 35% faster compared to cooking without pressure. The iVario Pro is also customisable with height-adjustable legs, keeps cool on the outside and has rounded corners making it a winner for safer working conditions.

A look under the hood reveals the technology at work:

iVarioBoost is an intelligent energy management system. This ensures precise temperatures on the pan base and regulates them to very precise units. This technology consumes much less energy than conventional cooking appliances.

iZoneControl divides the cooking surface into to four zones allowing the user to cook different foods simultaneously, on a time delay and at different temperatures. This enables the chef to choose the size, position and shape they want, saving energy and replacing the need for a wide range of traditional kitchen equipment.

iCookingSuite individually adjusts the cooking process to bring to get everything ready at the desired time. And it learns from cooking habits and has an alert system to warn you when you need to take action to prevent burning and boiling over.

The iCombi Pro breaks ground in combi-steamer achievements. The new model combines up to 50% higher productivity, 10% shorter cooking time and 10% lower energy consumption in a single cooking system compared to its predecessor model.

The iCombi Pro combines intelligent productivity, efficiency and flexibility while still guaranteeing outstanding uniformity even at full loads. Like the iVario Pro is has an impressive array of technology under the hood.

iDensityControl is an intelligent climate management system that creates next-level productivity and excellent cooking results.

iCookingSuite allows chefs to choose the desired cooking result from an easy-to-use menu and intelligent sensors recognise the size, quantity and condition of the food. The system then cooks to the exact result every time.

iProductionManager allows different products to be cooked at the same time. This saves time and allows for energy-optimised production by organising an efficient food sequence and keeps to a specified production time.

iCareSystem takes cleaning to a new level with an ultra-fast interim cleaning process that is finished in approx. 12 minutes. The iCombi Pro will tell you exactly how dirty it is and the level of cleaning required. Chefs can decide whether to run an eco or standard clean, even overnight. The process is hygienically clean with 50% less chemicals in the phosphate-free cleaner tablets.

Rational TechnologyAs well as being able to roast, grill, steam, bake and fry – at the touch of a button – the RATIONAL iCombi also monitors the food and adjusts cooking times, for example if the oven door is opened.  It also cleans itself, hygienically, at the end of the shift.

Simon Lohse, Managing Director, Rational UK & Ireland said during the launch:

“The two new pro additions to our range mean that many tasks can be completed easily, regardless of where the cooking systems are located. With asset management, for example, the user has an immediate overview of what is happening, can intervene with the cooking systems if necessary, significantly minimising inspection work.

Hygiene is a sensitive issue which is why we have set high standards for ConnectedCooking in in particular for this area. The HACCP documentation is now digitised, can be saved and downloaded as a table or PDF file. This means that at least part of the obligation to provide proof is in good hands.”

“As a third pillar, ConnectedCooking has an extensive recipe management system. This includes a shared library with international recipes, the administration and rolling out of operators individual cooking programs as well as the creation and submission of their own recipes to the shared library. ConnectedCooking thus proves to be a source of inspiration for professional kitchens.”

Rational TechnologyAny chefs looking to find out more on this fantastic range and new technology standards for automated and precision cooking can book onto a free webinar for an interactive product demonstration hosted by Rational chefs here.

The new iVario Pro and iCombi Pro models take existing technology to new levels making cooking more precise than ever before. See for yourself how updating your kitchen with the latest technology can save you both time and money.

Top chefs choose Rational. Fact.