‘Big Choux to Fill’ Featuring Nutcellars Macadamia Nuts by Daniel Pearse at The Savoy

This elegant and decadent dish demonstrates the potential of the queen of nuts from its humble origin to fine dining; leading the way in Daniel’s campaign to change the perception of desserts as he balances traditional flavours with a contemporary twist.

Daniel says “Macadamia nuts have to be one of my favourite nuts to use of all time. They have a beautiful rich buttery flavour that once slow roasted become even more intense and delicious. I use the macadamia nuts within this recipe in different ways, not only to inject it with a hit of intense nutty flavour, but as a form of texture as well that really helps to balance the overall dessert.”

Growing up in leafy Somerset, Daniel developed a keen interest in food production and provenance, something we at Nutcellars can identify with as we seek to source the best possible quality macadamias in an ethical way.

Rather than buying from large commercial estates, we source from cooperatives of smallholder farmers in Malawi. Through the Neno Macadamia Trust, these small farmers are supported in adapting their business to help cope with climate change and to promote regeneration of a sustainable ecosystem whilst growing this niche crop for a discerning market.

Currently making up only 1% of the world’s tree nut production, macadamias an ideal ingredient in Daniels quest to create unique, handcrafted desserts. With demand for these nutrition packed nuts growing by 8% every year, it certainly seems he is right on track.

And with confections like this to be conjured up with them, who are we to argue?

Daniel has kindly shared this special recipe with us, but we can’t help but think the experience would be best enjoyed made by the magician himself; these are Big Choux’s to fill indeed!

Read more about Nutcellars macadamia nuts here.


Praline Mousse

• 90g Alunga Milk chocolate
• 60g Nutcellars Macadamia paste
• 17.2g Cocoa Butter
• 36g Water
• 120g Sugar
• 79.5g Egg Yolk
• 500g Whipping Cream Choux
• 250g Water
• 250g Whole Milk
• 14g Sugar
• 14g Salt
• 225g Butter
• 275g Soft Flour (sieved)
• 500g Whole Eggs


• 370g Demerara Sugar
• 300g Butter
• 370g Soft Flour

Milk Chocolate Whipping Ganache

• 360g Whipping Cream 1
• 40g Glucose Syrup
• 40g Trimoline
• 480g Alunga milk chocolate
• 720g Whipping Cream 2 (Cold)

Yuzu Mousse

• 124g Yuzu Puree
• 14.75g Gelatine Mass
• 208.75g Opalys 33% (melted)
• 208.75g Whipping Cream Vanilla Ice-Cream
• 530g Whole Milk
• 180g Whipping Cream
• 26g Trimoline
• 70g Sugar
• 5g Stab 2000
• 16g Milk Powder
• 110g Egg yolk
• 85g Sugar
• 1g Vanilla Pod

Yuzu Gel

• 100g Yuzu Puree
• 5g Ultratex Gluten free plain crumble
• 335g Butter
• 250g Caster Sugar
• 425g Gluten free flour

Nutcellars Macadamia Paste

• 1000g Nutcellars Macadamia nuts

Additional garnishes

• Milk chocolate disc x3 (Alunga milk chocolate) 2gr per disc
• Gold Leaf


Praline Mousse

• Melt the chocolate with the paste and cocoa butter
• Whip the cream to soft peaks
• Make a pate-a-bomb with the water, sugar and yolk
• Mix the chocolate into the pate-a-bomb mixture
• Fold in the whipped cream
• Let set slightly then fill each choux. (25gr per choux)


• Boil water, milk, sugar, salt and butter together
• Add sieved flour to the mix off the induction
• Dry out the choux
• Place in mixer with paddle attachment on medium speed
• Gradually add eggs
• Pipe in orange sphere moulds and freeze. (15gr per sphere)
• Pre heat oven to 260
• Place choux in the oven , turn off oven and leave for 10 mins
• Switch oven back on at 160, fan 2 and bake for 6 mins
• Then lower temperature to 130 and back for a further 5 mins


• Paddle everything together
• Roll at 2mm and cut with 4cm round cutter
• 3gr per disc Milk Chocolate Whipping Ganache
• Bring Whipping Cream (1), Glucose and trimoline to the boil
• Pour over the chocolate and mix
• Add cold whipping cream (2) and hand blend really well
• Let set overnight in fridge before using

Yuzu Mousse

• Warm puree to 60◦c
• Add gelatine and pour over melted white chocolate and mix well to make an emulsion
• Cool down to 40◦c
• Fold in the semi- whipped cream
• 15gr per half sphere

Vanilla Ice-Cream

• 30gr per rocher for the plated size (1 per plate)

Yuzu Gel

• 3 dots per plate (total weight 3 grs)

Gluten free plain crumble

• Beat butter and sugar together, scrape the sides; add the flour and mix until crumble texture achieved
• Bake at 160◦c, Fan3, 100% humidity ~20 minutes or until golden. Once cool, blitz to fine powder form
• 5gr per plated version

Nutcellars Macadamia Paste

• Roast the Nutcellars macadamia nuts in the oven at 160◦C for 15 minutes until golden. Let cool
• Blitz in Thermomix until creamy consistency achieved
• 5gr per choux

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