Tried & Supplied

Tried & Supplied is your one-stop shop for all your food & beverage supplies making sourcing and ordering as easy as pie. We understand that chefs enjoy working with quality produce and connecting with local suppliers, but are short of time and are often required to work with specific pre-approved suppliers. Our sustainable food & beverage procurement software and services offer chefs maximum choice and flexibility of suppliers, while still allowing businesses to maintain control over costs and compliance. As a chef team it also makes collaborating on placing orders much easier, as all orders and communication with suppliers will be shared in one place and Head Chefs can approve draft orders by other members of the team remotely.

We will work with any of your existing suppliers or help you find new local, sustainable suppliers from our large and growing supplier marketplace. We can even cover non-food suppliers such as cleaning materials and flowers should you wish. If you don’t already have procurement in-house, you can outsource your procurement needs to us. Our customers have saved as much as 24% and still purchased more sustainable produce. We even facilitate collective buying power by establishing procurement networks.

If you’re working towards achieving a recognition of sustainability such as Net Zero, BCorp, Sustainable Restaurant Association Rating, ECOSmart, Green Key or carbon footprinting for your menu, we can support you with the necessary supply chain data and connect this with your purchasing data to quantify your impact and help you achieve this recognition.