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Timothy Mann is Head Chef at Patisserie Mark Bennett where he operates a Artisan Stone Baked Pizzeria out of The BakeHouse in Lilliput, Sandbanks, Dorset under the Tim’s Kitchen name with having the privilege of working with Mark Bennett UK’s 2014 Baker of the Year and world award-winning baker.

Tim is an extremely passionate chef, continuously striving for perfection in every dish he produces. He believes in the quality and in the importance of using seasonal, local produce. Tim is strongly influenced by the local area and its rich abundance of ingredients, if he isn’t in the kitchen he can often be found roaming the heath lands or forests foraging for ingredients and searching for inspiration for his next dish.

Tim’s obsession with his local area and the nourishment that it offers stems from his time spent training under Michel Bras in his three Michelin starred restaurant in Laguiole, France. Tim was given this incredible opportunity whilst in his final year at the Bournemouth and Poole College. This experience completely altered the way he viewed cookery. Every morning Tim would accompany Michel on his daily hunt for wild herbs, flowers and mushrooms within the surrounding mountains, all to be used for the menu that day, ensuring that only the freshest and most authentic local ingredients are used. A philosophy that Tim strives to maintain.

After completing his college training he worked in the local area for a few years in places such as the Mansion House, Déjà vu Bistro and Brasserie St Michel.

He then decided that he needed to expand his horizons, his influences and his pallet and set off for Wellington, New Zealand where he spent a year working in various kitchens. After leaving New Zealand he went on to Italy and then a further six years working his way around France, experiencing local styles, flavours, and traditions. All the time increasing his knowledge, honing his craft and gathering more love and respect for the industry that he will devote his life to perfecting.

Tim is a Chef inspired by the beauty of food and is a firm believer that, not just good food, but great food should be available and accessible to all.