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I started in the kitchens when I was 13 washing dishes, I think like most of us. My parents were pub landlords at the time, this inspired me as well as my Mum’s cooking and baking.

I’m a local guy from the West Country who’s moved around various pubs and small hotels trying to find my feet which I did 6 years ago at Babington House.

I started there as a Commis Chef all those years ago working my way up, to finally be promoted to Head Chef. Following and collecting knowledge and experience from my Executive Chef, Ronnie Bonetti.

My favourite style of food is defiantly British, local, seasonal and relaxed. I love all the old school dishes like pies, slow cooked meats and retro puddings. Also I love Italian food.

My influences are Keith Floyd, his book, Around Britain and Ireland, it’s a great book that I love cooking from. The River Cafe is a great influence, I can sit and look at their books for hours and remember the few times I’ve been to Italy.