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What is the name of the current restaurant you work at and how long have you worked there?
Cardiff Metropolitan University – 4.5 years as Catering Manager.

Where did you learn your skills/culinary education?
Started off at the age of 15 with a Head Chef from London “Paul Stanford” He opened a restaurant at Jacksons VIP Night Club, At the time it was the UK’s number one venue. Nouvelle Cuisine / Haute Cuisine were both new to Wales with Paul Stanford leading the way, I went on to Barry College of Further Education where I did my 706/1 706/2.

What do you enjoy most about being a chef?
I love being a Chef, but when office based miss the kitchen most of all. Developing dishes, Menu’s & Costings are everyday parts of the job, however when you have that team alongside you who are as passionate about the food as you are it don’t get much better and makes the long hour easier all together.

Which of your dishes are you most proud of?
Simple – Chicken & Tarragon Pie! Not my favourite dish to eat, but certainly one of my longest dishes on the menu. I would take abuse from regulars if for some reason I couldn’t do it!

How do you come up with new dishes?
Inspiration From other great chefs, seeing what’s in the garden or in the market that morning.

Who was your greatest influence? 
I have many chef’s I like for different reasons, Joyce Molyneux did a stuffed john dory recipe that followed me around many kitchens.

  • Keith Floyd was an old time classic
  • Pierre Koffmann, True Classic love him cooking
  • The Roux Family, such great chefs!

What is your favourite cookbook?
The Carved Angel by Joyce Molyneux From the Dartmouth Restaurant The Carved Angel (Retired 1999).