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Christopher Archambault is a lifelong chef who has run the gamut of London fine dining to Canadian ski resorts, The Goodwood Estate to the Channel Islands.  In the last few years he was a key player at The Headland Hotel and its five star journey, and was responsible for gaining its three rosettes.  Most recently, a whirlwind year of COVID pre-opening madness at The Bodmin Jail Hotel allowed him to expand his remit far beyond the pass.  In his ‘downtime’ he has been a regular feature writer and food photographer for regional magazines, a trainer for a leading knife manufacturer, a product developer for one of the UK’s leading butchers and a judge/demonstrator for countless trade shows, farmer’s markets, competitions and food festivals.  He is also a member of the UK’s Guild of Food Writers.

Chris is currently the Head of Food for the Duchy of Cornwall, and couldn’t be more excited by new plans afoot at the Nursery and beyond.