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An award winning chef with a real passion for local food and sourcing

In February 2014, Brett achieved his long term ambition. For the previous eight years, Brett had been the head chef of a well-respected Dorset hotel, running multiple busy kitchens and getting his fair share of glowing reviews and regional awards, but always wondering what it would be like to go it alone. Now he knows, because the Sutton’s took ownership of The White Post in Rimpton, a local pub that was in desperate need of a new lease of life.

Not always a chef…

Brett was originally born and raised in Portsmouth, he started his career training to be an accountant but whilst in a part-time job as a kitchen porter his passion for food had him change career paths rather dramatically.

Brett’s culinary career started at Highbury College in Portsmouth, with his first position at Michelin starred 36 On The Quay, in Emsworth, setting the standard. Brett rapidly rose in prominence and travelled around the country gaining as much experience and knowledge as possible. All solid jobs in highly regarded establishments. Between the age of 22 and 30 Brett entered ‘The Roux Scholarship’, perhaps the most prestigious cooking competition for professional chefs in the UK, making the regional and national finals 7 out of 8 times.

Brett finally settled in the west country twenty two years ago, this is when his passion for foraging took off. He quickly embraced country life and would often be found foraging the hedgerows for all of nature’s little treats. Locality and sourcing of food and ingredients is something Brett is extremely passionate about. Because of this Brett is an arbitrator for the ‘Great Taste Awards’, a regular judge at ‘The World Cheese Awards’ and also a judge for ‘Taste of the West’ awards. Brett can often be seen at many of the Dorset and Somerset food festivals, demonstrating his reputation for quirky and technically skill full food.

Brett is a larger than life character, who wears his heart on his sleeve. At the end of evening service he will be found sat at the end of the bar soaking up the atmosphere and talking to as many customers as possible.