Meet Klima. Climate. Controlled.

The perfect steak needs the perfect climate and in Klima, every chef has the opportunity to achieve perfection. How does it work?

Simple, everything is done in the cabinet which can sit happily, front of house,  in the restaurant so every guest can see what’s going on.

Due to a unique air ventilation system, Klima achieves strong and intense flavours and increased juiciness in steaks which get the correct ageing environment – No matter what the cut.

Steve Snow, Managing Director of UK Distributor, MCS Technical Products Ltd said: “In designing KLIMA MEAT, the Italian manufacturer, Zernike focused on recreating the ideal microclimate and the natural reactions traditionally harnessed by man for aging meat. They then perfected a unique dry ager with an intuitive technology that combines our patents for ventilation, sanitization and oxygenation of meat. Their ambition was to create a high performance, technologically advanced product which is also user friendly, we’re convinced it will be extremely popular with among top UK chefs and butchers.”

The touch screen monitor displays each function with intuitive icons which make it easy to control and modify all the process phases and parameters. The electronic control allows a precise management of temperature, humidity and ventilation inside the chamber, which combined with the patented oxygenation system OxigenKLIMA, makes it possible to reproduce the ideal conditions for a high quality and perfectly biosafe dry aging – reducing the danger of listeria, harmful moulds and unpleasant smells. Never a dull steak ever again!