Lifting the Lid on Can Opener Hygiene with Bonzer®

Mitchell & Cooper are UK manufacturers of the iconic Bonzer® benchtop can opener.

Although the name Bonzer® is often applied generically to any tabletop can opener, authentic Bonzers® are distinguishable by the red knob on the handle.  They have been in production since the 1940’s but the design is being constantly updated to meet the demands of contemporary catering.

The most notable feature to be incorporated is the dishwasher friendly blade and cutting mechanism. The blades also have an anti-bacterial coating, perfect for maintaining hygiene standards in a busy professional kitchen.

But what’s the message on hygiene we hear you ask?!

It’s a scene every head chef can identify with. The Environmental Health Officer is coming for an inspection and the whole team has been polishing the kitchen and cleaning under the ovens and behind the fridge. One piece of equipment the EHO’s will be sure to inspect is the benchtop can opener.

Now industry has finally reopened, it is important that we think about the inevitable visit from our friends in the white coats.

Kat Cooper, Project Director at Mitchell & Cooper said

“The Environmental Health Officers inspect benchtop can openers because it’s  often one of the most common items that chefs don’t consider on a deep clean or for general maintenance.  Chef’s need to be mindful of residue from multiple can openings in their daily routines and ensure the blades and wheels are looked after and replaced on a regular basis to ensure its functionality is not effected. All kitchens should make sure the benchtop Can openers are added to the routine cleaning and maintenance procedure. Each new model includes a quick start maintenance guide with tips and tricks to keeping your Bonzer up and running.”

This uses a stainless-steel blade fitting and titanium coated blade that gives greater cutting power and durability. But the clever bit is a dishwasher-safe trigger mechanism and a quick-releasing, anti-bacterial blade.

Now, the opener can be cleaned properly and kept hygienic, so you won’t get caught out at your next EHO visit.

Here are some top tips from Bonzer HQ:

Richard Davies, Executive Chef at Calcot Hotel & Spa, Tetbury said

“My Bonzer can opener has been here at Calcot ever since I can remember, it’s probably older than me – They last a lifetime and are an integral part of the kitchen, and as such, should be maintained to the same standards as all other equipment – We certainly couldn’t do without it.  There are other brands available, but none withstand the constant heavy usage that a Bonzer does – It really isn’t worth compromising on quality as you will finish up paying more in the long run, in terms of both down-time and money.”

To find out more on maintaining your Bonzer can opener click here for top tips by its family-run UK manufacturer Mitchell & Cooper.

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EZ20, EZ40, EZ60 TITAN models will benefit from an extended warranty for 5 years.

There is also  a clear summary of the range and what environment each model is best suited for here to ensure you choose the right can opener for your individual kitchen set-up.

Show your Bonzer some love and follow these useful tips on maintenance to ensure your lids are lifted in the cleanest possible way and your Bonzer can opener kept in the best possible condition.