Koppert Teams up with Bloomkubes to Create Micro Cress 2.0

Growing your own cresses and micro herbs has reached a new level.  For the first time chefs can grow Koppert Cress in a new “Kube” that recycles 90-95% of the water it uses. This is on top of the process being pesticide free.

A ground-breaking project at the Northern Lights lounge at Aberdeen International Airport sees Bloomkubes, the makers of the new Kube, team up with Dutch-based Koppert Cress to create a new soilless plant cultivation system that delivers water, nutrients, and oxygen to the roots of plants in precise cycles.

Though this method of in-house cultivation is not new, the partnership with Koppert Cress is. For the first time chefs can grow their own micro cresses without having to buy them in – further cutting down on transport and use of plastic. Koppert seeds are at the heart of the new operation.

At Aberdeen the new Kube is being housed in the Northern Lights airport lounge and is enabling chefs to grow a range of products to enhance the flavour, aroma and presentation of dishes for their First Class guests.

Jemma Cumming, commercial manager at Aberdeen International Airport, said: “Our lounge has already won a number of awards for its partnership with local suppliers and we are delighted to be able to enhance our the with fantastically fresh produce from the Kube.

This is an exciting project for us and passengers will be able to see the pod up close when they visit the lounge.”

Ronnie Kelman, Business Director for ESS, commented: “We’re thrilled to be working with Bloomkubes to introduce hydroponics technology at Aberdeen International Airport.

“Growing fresh ingredients on-site in an environmentally friendly way is a great opportunity for us to deliver on the ‘Healthier Food’ and ‘Healthier World’ pledges we make to our customers, clients and colleagues as part of our Wellness Commitment.

“We hope our First Class customers at the airport will enjoy seeing the products in a variety of dishes served in the exclusive Northern Lights Lounge.”

Janak Ruparelia, Co-Founder and Director at Bloomkumes concluded

“The Kube is available on a monthly subscription. Each Kube appliance is built with IoT integrated smart probes, sensors and cameras enabling unparalleled control and transparency to farming. With full remote services, we at Bloomkubes will help you operate and manage the entire grow and process; from seeding and harvesting, to cleaning and maintenance. Get in touch and together we can make a difference.”

For more information, please email janak@bloomkubes.com or ask The Chefs’ Forum team to make a personal  introduction.