Scope and Purpose of Job

We are looking for a Dynamic, very experienced and qualified temporary Head Chef (from now, until 28th May) to organise, operate and control the kitchen in our destination Restaurant in Bournemouth.

Responsibilities: you will be required to

  • Control and direct the food preparation process and all other food related issues in the Kitchen
  • Construct menus with creativity ensuring the variety and quality of the serving and the suitability of the dishes to the clientele
  • Organise the purchasing and stock control of ingredients
  • Achieve and maintain the budgeted GP%
  • Arrange for equipment repairs in liaison with the Management when necessary
  • Remedy any problems or defects with the service of food to clients
  • Oversee the hiring, managing and training of kitchen staff in liaison with the Management
  • Oversee the work of the team and approve dishes when they leave the pass and before they reach the customer
  • Maintain records of payroll and attendance
  • Comply with Environmental Health Requirements and Health and Safety legislation
  • Foster a climate of cooperation and respect between the Kitchen team and the Restaurant team

Requirements for the position

  • Proven experience as head chef of a high- quality establishment
  • Exceptional proven ability of kitchen management
  • Ability in dividing responsibilities and monitoring progress
  • Outstanding communication and leadership skills
  • Up-to-date with culinary trends and optimised kitchen processes
  • Good understanding of useful computer programs (MS Office, restaurant management software, POS)
  • Credentials in health and safety training