POSITION:                    Sous Chef

REPORTING TO:           Head Chef

RESPONSIBLE FOR:    Assisting with the effective day-to-day running of the kitchen.

LIAISING WITH:             Restaurant staff, front of house staff, & purchasing department.

Main Areas of Responsibility

  • Responsible for ensuring that all kitchen employees maintain standards of personal hygiene and hygiene at work as per the Health & Safety at Work Act, COSHH, Food Safety Act, Food Hygiene (General) regulations, Food Hygiene (amendment) regulations and according to Company Policies i.e.) Health & Safety and Hygiene. Ensure ASC (Assured Safe Catering) logs are completed i.e.) food storage temperature control, retained foods, final cooking temperatures, cleaning schedules etc.
  • Taking the responsibilities of being a shift leader of the brigade and to deputise in the absence of the Head Chef.
  • Ensure recipes are followed accurately and that wastage is minimal.
  • Liase with senior chefs in the ordering of produce. Ensure all relevant chefs are fully aware of market prices, seasonal foods and quantities of produce required for the daily business.
  • All goods received by the kitchen must be checked, signed and authorised by nominated signatories, before placing into storage or being used. All purchases must be made using the specified nominated suppliers or through the Company Purchasing Manager.
  • The store and fridges must be kept clean and tidy at all times, monitor temperature controls and check for correct storage procedures
  • Ensure all sections are fully prepared for service, check the quality and quantity of the mis-en-place of each section. Be aware of daily business requirements.
  • All kitchen equipment must be maintained and correctly used by fully trained staff.
  • Oversee monthly fire training, with nominated person, of all kitchen staff. All temporary staff must be made aware of fire exits and equipment.
  • Secure kitchen stores and fridges after service.
  • Ensure all subordinate staff receive the necessary training pertaining to their positions and responsibilities.
  • The standards set by the unit Head Chef must be followed precisely, in all the areas of food production & service.
  • Maintain a high level of motivation and team spirit in all departments. Set a professional example
  • for all other kitchen employees to emulate.
  • Comply with and understand the Company handbook and policies.
  • Assist in maintaining food gross profit of 70% of food sales. This will be linked to a bonus system for all senior chefs.
  • Ensure accounts department receive, delivery notes, credit notes, requests for credit notes and all relevant paperwork, in the correct week.
  • Assist in ensuring produce purchased is to the required specification and standards.
  • Ensure kitchen is fully prepared for service, be aware of numbers booked and times. Accurate preparation of menus, timings and staff for party bookings.

Health & Safety and Food Hygiene

  • Maintain standards of personal hygiene and hygiene at work as per the Health & Safety at Work Act, Food Safety Act, Food Hygiene (General) regulations, COSHH, Food Hygiene (amendment) regulations and according to Company Policies Health & Safety and Hygiene. Maintain fire and security policies.
  • To attend all training classes and implement any new policies or duties that may be required of you by managers of the group.
  • All employees must be fully trained on the use of all kitchen equipment. Trainees /apprentices must not use equipment unless they are fully supervised.
  • Ensure all accidents and incidents are accurately recorded as per the specifications in the accident book. Liase with senior managers on the compilation of the ‘Reporting of an Injury or Dangerous Occurrence’ and `Report of a case of disease’ (regulations 1995).
  • Ensure all employees are using protective equipment supplied by the Company, replace where and when required.

Be prepared to carry out any other duties that may be required of you by Manager of the group.

This job description is a guideline and by no means exhaustive of the responsibilities of the Sous Chef.

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