It’s Time for Ice Green The Future of Ice Cream Machines by Nemox

Are You Ready for ‘ice green’ with the NEW Nemox Ice Cream Machine?

Did you know that churning ice cream can be bad for the environment?

Now the weather has finally started to break and industry back open, it is time to turn our attention to everybody’s favourite – Ice cream!

Mitchell & Cooper specialize in light catering equipment and are delighted to be able to offer a fantastic range of greener ice cream or gelato machines that are both environmentally more sound and kinder to budgets than competitor models.

The downside to this indulgent treat is that gases used in ice cream machines can contribute to the worsening effect of global warming. The historic gas of choice has been heavy on the hydroflourcarbon but recent breakthroughs in technology have seen a rise in propane gases and in the case of gelato machines – R290.

Research done by gelato machine maker Nemox, based in Italy, has resulted in the company changing its entire production line to remove hydroflourocarbons and replace it with R290.

However, this change has resulted in some extraordinary data – R290 can reach lower temperatures faster resulting in smaller crystals in the gelato at the same time using less energy which means lower electrical use.

So, if you are a chef looking at cutting edge gelato this is a real bonus. The new machines can chill gelato to previously unheard-of temperatures – around 1 degree lower. The result of this means that the gelato reaches that temperature faster than traditional methods and this is what results in the all-important smaller ice crystal.

Students of gelato will know that the best taste comes from small crystals as the result is smoother on the palate. This has normally been achieved by using more sugar. But the lower temperature of the new Nemox models means that gelato can be kept purer and less sweet and still achieve a smooth mouth feel.

And at the same time the process uses less energy meaning your kitchen is using less electricity which is more sustainable. This is something you can pass on to your customers as evidence of your responsibility and carbon footprint.

Michael Dutnall, Executive Chef at The RAF Club, Piccadilly is a real fan of the brand, he says

“I’ve had a Nemox for the past four years and wouldn’t be without it.  It is small and compact, perfect for a space constrained kitchen and its tabletop positioning means that it can easily be moved around various sections in the kitchen.  Our signature dish of chilled pea and ham soup with creme fresh sorbet features on the Club Menu in the dining room.  This classic with a modern twist is always a hit with our discerning members.  Our Nemox gelato machine certainly does what we need on a daily basis in terms of seasonal ice creams and sorbets – Great news that the brand is now making way for ice green!”

The new ‘ice green’ range, complete with new serving models, could revolutionise your menus and is perfect for enhancing recipes, both sweet and savoury.

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