From Harrods to The Headland Hotel – The FlashGRILL is Hot Stuff!

Every inch of a FlashGRILL is HOT. Seriously hot.

A FlashGRILL is not normal. By using a heating element submerged in a diathermic liquid the heat produced is spread to every part of the grill surface. Furthermore, when cold foods are put onto the grill the time taken to heat up again is reduced by the same system. The result: a very hot, complete, grill surface which can produce savings of up to 70%.

The idea is simple. Traditional grills use a heating element or gas flames which directly heat the cooking surface. FlashGRILLs are not built this way. Instead this patented system supplies an even heat to the cooking surface meaning that chefs can rely on the heat always being the exact temperature they need.

Gavin Edney, Executive Chef at The Headland Hotel in Cornwall said,

“The FlashGRILL plays a vital role in our busy kitchen, ensuring we can cope with the tremendous volume served during the holiday season.  We often see 250 covers served each service and the consistent heat and ease of cleaning really helps us execute our Terrace Menu, quickly and efficiently – Lower temperatures are used to retain moisture and preserve flavours and texture, minimising the chance of burning food and therefore less wastage.

We use FlashGRILL to cook-off our chicken breasts for summery Cesar salads, all our steaks are cooked to perfection to guests’ preference and juicy local beef burgers simply fly off the pass as a delicious beachside snack. Built to last and efficient on energy, FlashGRILL is a much-valued member of our kitchen team.”

What’s a diathermic liquid? It’s a good question. The answer is a liquid that transfers heat quickly and effectively. By having the heating elements heat the liquid not the surface a FlashGRILL can operate faster and more completely – meaning no hot or cold spots.

Another fan of the FlashGRILL is Valentina Maschio, Head Chef at Gordon Ramsay Burger in Harrods, she has historically cooked on charcoal, but in the nine months she has been in her current post, she has been really impressed with this clever plancha, often coping with 400-500 covers per day, when reliability is crucial.

Valentina said

“This is the first time I have used The FlashGRILL, but I can tell you that I am seriously impressed. I can achieve a consistent temperature to cook perfect burgers, no problem at all.  It is so simple to use, that chefs of all levels can easily operate it and it is very safe for the more junior members of the brigade.  We also use it to cook fish and toast bread – This really is a great plancha and I would definitely recommend it to my chef peers”

The system, this time installed by CCE London, is so efficient it can even handle frozen foods that really suck the heat out of a traditional grill. The diathermic liquid gets heat to cold spots quicker than traditional methods meaning a saving in time and energy.

FLASH is not just a name. It’s a guarantee. You will be amazed at how efficient it is. Cooking time is reduced and food quality improved. Lower temperatures can be used to retain moisture and preserve flavours and texture with less chance of burnt food.

This method of heating the FlashGRILL results in lower kw loadings when compared to other griddles in the market, resulting in up to 70% saving in energy. There are 19 models in the range, 16 of which can be run on either single phase or three phase (needs to be specified when ordering), the other three griddles are dedicated to three phase. The 5 smallest griddles have a kW rating of only 2.7 and can work off 13A plugs.

The FlashGRILLs carry a comprehensive 5 years parts and labour warranty.

For more information on how the FlashGRILL can add value to your kitchen team contact David Jenkins at MCS Technical Products: