Chef of the Week – Daniel Galmiche, TV Chef & Consultant

How long have you worked at your current restaurant?
For now, I have no restaurant, but I do consulting, guest chef and demos.

Where did your passion for cooking come from and where did you learn your skills?
It came from my family, where we had a small holding. We always cooked, fed the animals knowing that one day they would feed us, so we did look after them very well. I started to cook with mum, and decided early that I wanted to cook, so started in a local hotel and restaurant, and then here I am!

What do you enjoy most about being a chef?
I am a gourmand, and I think you need that. I love nature, sustainability, cooking, sharing, the season and ingredients etc.

Name three ingredients you couldn’t cook without.
Garlic, olive oil and herbs.

Which piece of kitchen equipment couldn’t you live without?
My stove.

What food trends are you spotting at the moment?
There is a big wave of Latin American, which is very refreshing. Not only tapas, but some very interesting dishes.

What do you think is a common mistake that lets chefs down?
No passion!

What is your favourite time of year for food, and why?
I love all seasons, hence why we have them and cook accordingly to them, but autumn is my favourite, so much on offer, the colour, smell and earthy flavours – so nice.

Which of your dishes are you most proud of?
A few of course, but I love cooking fish, so I would say that is special, but generally love what we put on our menu when we do.

How do you come up with new dishes?
The season is my main guide, I do not follow fashion at all, I put what I feel is right for the moment. But never compromise on product.

Who was your greatest influence?
My apprenticeship under Yves Lalloz. Then so many others, but Le Gavroche under Michel Roux Senior and Albert was super special, and hard, I still use what they taught me.

Tell us three chefs you admire.
As I mentioned above, then there is Raymond Blanc, he’s pretty special too. And my friend.

What is your favourite cookbook?
Mine of course, but hundreds of others, but perhaps My Gastronomy by Nico Ladenis, for his philosophy.

Who do you think are the chefs to watch over the next few months?
The ones who return close to nature, auberge, with a farm next to it, proper ingredients, and a unique take on them.