A Chef creates an Alcohol-free Alternative to Gin!

Alcohol Free Gin

Geoff Yates, Co-Founder of Sea Arch spent 10 years in professional kitchens, working his way up in the Pastry section in 5-star hotels in Europe and the Middle East.  He then spent the next 25 years setting up and running a frozen dessert business, supplying foodservice nationwide, with his wife and partner Sarah. Just when he thought his days in the kitchen were over Sarah opened a wine bar in south Devon, and he once again donned his whites and went back into the kitchen.  Looking back, Geoff still holds very fond memories of those times.

Geoff said

“My career as a chef was a great experience and I wouldn’t change any of it, it was hard work but thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding.  One thing that came out of owning the wine bar was the amount of people we spoke to who didn’t always want to drink alcohol, they were either moderating their drinking or had given up completely.”

Geoff drew on his experience as a professional chef and expert palate to experiment with botanicals and flavour notes to create a grown-up alcohol-free spirit.  He observed that there wasn’t a great deal of choice for these customers and the non-alcoholic drinks market was just emerging. As a professional chef, Geoff had a strong background working with flavours and set about trying to give non-drinkers a drink that had complexity and a great taste but was also healthier and more satisfying than a fruit juice or a sweet fizzy drink.

Sea Arch on the rocksSarah added

“When we owned our wine bar, many of our customers we were becoming more health conscious, increasingly mindful of what we were eating and drinking. With our backgrounds in hospitality, working in top hotels in Europe and the Middle East, we knew we were looking for non-alcoholic alternatives that didn’t compromise on taste or experience. Sea Arch ticks all of these boxes and we’re really excited to showcase it to members of The Chefs’ Forum.”

Geoff also felt, like many other chefs later in their career, that he needed to adjust his work/life balance. It was a real venture into the unknown when he and Sarah took up the challenge of creating a non-alcoholic spirit.

“It’s quite stimulating and exciting, as well as nerve-wracking when you go off and do something different to what you’ve always done before and I’ve been able to draw from a lot of the experiences of my time in the kitchen.”

Sea Arch Geoff and SarahSarah and Geoff Yates are looking forward to continuing to offer choice and extending the Sea Arch range. All drinks are going to be for the times people don’t want to drink alcohol but still want a grown-up and refreshing drink.

Bursting with seaside botanicals and as uplifting as a walk on the beach, Sea Arch has all the deliciousness of gin with none of the alcohol and it really is more beautiful without. With purity of flavour and served with a real sense of occasion Sea Arch captures the true spirit of the Devon coast. Enjoy as a Sea & T in a lovely glass with plenty of ice, a squeeze of citrus, topped up with a premium tonic.

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