World Young Chef Young Waiter and Young Mixologist Winners 2023

The World Young Chef Young Waiter and World Young Mixologist 2023 finals were held at the iconic Lycée Rainier lll in Monaco. The winners of the competition were announced at the Salle Empire of Hotel de Paris in Monaco, during a special awards dinner on the 24th November 2023. Each of the three winners received a share of the $15,000 grand prize.

We are delighted to announce that the winners of the World Young Chef Young Waiter and Young Mixologist competition are:

Team Singapore

The winning Chef is Ian Tan from Bottega Di Carne Singapore (right)

The winning Waiter is Belle Torres from Restaurant Zen Singapore (left)

The winning Mixologist is Zana Mohlmann from Manhattan Singapore (middle)

Ian Tan from Bottega Di Carne Singapore said: “This experience gave me the platform to be able to put Southeast Asian cuisine on the map. Not only did it get me to the world stage, but I also won it. I’d like to share with the rest of the world, that no matter where you come from, all of the food you love, be it from the street or at home all have a place in this world. I’d like to encourage everyone to be proud of their ethnicity, their culture, their food and most importantly their friends and family, may all ALWAYS dine with an open heart and an empty stomach.”

Belle Torres from Restaurant Zen Singapore said: “The WorldYCYW finals 2023 didn’t come easy for me before flying to Monaco. My visa got rejected on the first try and the second try. It was a nerve-racking waiting game, and I was losing hope to represent Singapore in the World Finals. Few days before flying to Monaco, the consulate contacted me about my visa, and voila! Visa Approved!! Fast forward to the Airport scene, there was another hiccup! Our flight was getting transferred to different airlines and so on. It was once in a lifetime experience! Lots of fun experience and learning throughout the competition, meeting unfamiliar faces but little did we know we are all connected with mutual connections. I still feel ecstatic whenever I look back on what happened. It was such an honour and humbling opportunity to bring back the trophy home as World YCYW Champion Waiter 2023, I hope we can inspire more young people to ignite their passion for hospitality.


Zana Mohlmann from Manhattan Singapore said: “WYM gave me new friends around the world and in Singapore! This competition is going to be one of the best platforms for young professionals to expand their careers globally.”

The world champions were chosen from nine chefs, nine waiters and four mixologists from England, Wales, Singapore, Ireland, the Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, Monaco, USA and Scotland. Finalists were judged by a panel of esteemed culinary experts, food critics, and industry leaders. Among the esteemed chef judges were Adam Handling, Mario Perera, Michael Kwan, Emanuele Del Signore, Paul Walsh, and Adam Thomason. The waiter judges included Simon King, Andy Downton, George Heresy, and Daniele Giovinazzo. Meanwhile, the mixologist judges were Anna Sebastian, Yann Bouvignies, Paul Robinson, and Jerome Schrotz.

Second place: Team USA

Chef Marcus Youn from Knife Pleat (right)

Waiter Regina Gutierrez from The French Laundry (left)







Third place: Team England and Team Wales

Chef Benjamin Mabley from Hartwell House Hotel & Spa England (left)

Waiter Jade Walker from the Frog England (right)

Chef Sam Everton from Coleg Ceredigion Wales (second left)

Waiter Carys Webster from Grove of Narbeth (second right)

Congratulations to all the contestants who competed in the 2023 WorldYYY finals. Their achievements not only brought glory to their respective countries but also provided a unique opportunity to connect with and learn from talented individuals in the hospitality industry.

Throughout the competition, chefs faced three challenging tasks. Task 1 required them to craft a Tarte Tatin and custard dish. Task 2 involved creating a three-course menu and preparing six plates for judges and VIP lunch guests. Waiters navigated five tasks, including section set-up, interviews and scenarios, wine pairing, a quiz, and a champagne pour. Mixologists, on the other hand, undertook three tasks: creating a cocktail from ingredients sourced from Monaco’s local market, presenting their signature serve infused with NEFT Vodka, and crafting a classic cocktail.

One of the highlights of the World Finals was the Educational Day, which was designed to enrich the knowledge and skills of young talents. This day included an exclusive tour of some of Monaco’s iconic locations, including the SBM Tour and a visit to the L’Organgerie Distillery.