World Young Chef Young Waiter and Young Mixologist 2023 Competition Final

The 2023 world finals competition of both World Young Chef Young Waiter and Young Mixologist will take place at the Lycée Rainer lll Monaco on the 23rd-24th November.

On the 23rd-24th November 2023, Monaco will host the world’s most esteemed culinary competition, the Young Chef Young Waiter, and Young Mixologist World Finals. The competition will take place at the iconic Lycée Rainier III, where these exceptional young talents will compete for the title of World Young Chef Young Waiter and Young Mixologist 2023.

The WYCYW finals will start with a grand Opening Ceremony, which will take place at the Lycée Rainer lll, involving a Flag Waving Ceremony in what we call the hospitality Olympics. One of the highlights of the World Finals is the Educational Day, which is designed to enrich the knowledge and skills of young talents. This day will include an exclusive tour of some of Monaco’s iconic locations, including the SBM Tour and a visit to the L’Organgerie Distillery. The evening awards ceremony will unfold, at The Salle Empire of Hôtel de Paris, where the World Young Chef Young Waiter and Young Mixologist winners will be crowned.

Meet the WYCYW Finalists

England winners: The winning chef Benjamin Mabley from Hartwell House Hotel & Spa and the winning waiter Jade Walker from The Frog London.

USA California winners: The winning chef Marcus Youn from Knife Pleat and the winning waiter Regina Gutierre from The French Laundry.

Monaco winners: The winning chef Jordan Callen from Trinity Monte-Carlo and the winning waiter Daryl Danican from Monte Carlo Bay Hotel.

Singapore winners: The winning chef Ian Tan from Bottega Di Carne Singapore and the winning waiter Belle Torres from Restaurant Zen.

Scotland winners: The winning chef Iain Tennant from Gleneagles Hotel and the winning waiter Anna Wither from Gleneagles Hotel.

Wales winner: The winning chef Sam Everton from Coleg Ceredigion and the winning waiter Carys Webster from Grove of Narberth.

Ireland winners: The winning chef Stiofan Feeney from Aroma, Rome and the winning waiter Francesca Motta from Chapter One

Cayman Island winners: The winning chef Sebastian Amaya from The Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman and the winning waiter Rosie Mckitrick from Agua Restaurant.

Hong Kong winners: The winning chef Ardy Ferguson from Belon and the winning waiter Teddy Tso from The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong.

Meet the WYM Finalist:

England winner:
Niamh Preedy from Northcote Hotel

USA California winner:
Mitchell Corriell from Little Beach House, Malibu

Monaco winner:
Luigi Giannini from COYA Monte-Carlo

Singapore winner:
Zana Mohlmann from Manhattan Singapore

Finalists will be judged by a panel of esteemed culinary experts, food critics, and industry leaders including chef judges Adam Handling, Mario Perera, Michael Kwan, Mark Sargeant, Emanuele, Paul Walsh, Simon Ganache and Christian Garcia. our respected waiter judges are Simon King, Andy Downton, Jayne Griffith-parry, George Heresy and Daniele Giovinazzo. The honoured mixologist judges are Anna Sebastian and Yann Bouvignies.

The competition promises a thrilling display of culinary expertise, creativity, and professionalism. The World Young Chef Young Waiter and World Young Mixologist finals celebrate the talent and dedication of young professionals but also serve as a platform to inspire future generations to pursue careers in the culinary arts and hospitality.