WIFI Enabled

In association with Aussie Beef Mates The Chefs’ Forum put on a special Women in the Food Industry (WIFI) lunch at City Restaurant in Bristol at City of Bristol College on Monday 10th June.

The aim of the event was simple: showcase the finest Aussie beef as cooked and served by Bristol’s top female chefs. Kasae Fraser from Masterchef: The Professionals 2023 led the team with Charlotte Vincent (Great British Menu), Brinda Bungaroo (Brinda’s Mauritius Delights), Lucy Bowden (The Cross Keys in Cornwall) freelance chef Caley Briddick.

Director of The Chefs’ Forum Catherine Farinha explained: “We’ve teamed up with WIFI because equality for women in the Food Industry is seriously important. We felt that Aussie Beef Mates was an excellent opportunity to let our great women showcase their talents and takes on Aussie Beef as its easy to see that as a boys club. Not only are female chefs keen on steak – they know how to cook it, too!

“We want to see more women coming into the food industry and being able to work and thrive on their own merit and not feel threatened or any less than their male colleagues. The WIFI movement has some great ambassadors in the UK and we have been working closely with Mecca Ibrahim.

“The lunch was a great showcase of women and steak!”

Kasae Fraser, MasterChef: The Professionals finalist 2023 said: “This was a brilliant event and I was thrilled to be asked to take part. I want to see more women in the business and this was a great way to showcase what we’re doing in our own kitchens. Being from Australia, it’s great to see that Aussie beef is readily available in the UK and we can showcase the quality and flavour of this world-class meat.”


Here’s what the all-girl brigade of brilliant Southwest chefs cooked:

Kasae Fraser, MasterChef: The Professionals Finalist 2023
Kasae’s homeland Aussie picanha tartare
60-day aged Jack’s Creek grain fed picanha Angus

Lucy Bowden, The Cross Keys Inn, Cornwall
Roasted Aussie sirloin with Parmenter potatoes, Tenderstem broccoli and red wine jus
60-day aged Jack’s Creek grain fed sirloin Angus

Brinda Bungaroo, Brinda’s Mauritius Delights
Aussie bavette kalia
60-day aged Jack’s Creek grain fed bavette Angus

Caley Briddick, Freelance Chef
Sous-vide Aussie feather blade, garlic mustard almond pesto, tempura garlic mustard leaves, bone marrow brown butter hollandaise, orange peel powder and garlic mustard flowers
60-day aged Jack’s Creek grain fed feather blade Angus

Charlotte Vincent, Great British Menu
Char sui marinated Aussie bavette, maple and beef dripping butter, creamed potato, beef fat onion compote and beef crackling
60-day aged Jack’s Creek grain fed bavette Angus

Wine sponsored by Brown Brothers
Fresh produce sponsored by Dole Foodservice

Photography and film by Carlos Farinha